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Destiny 2: Luminous Takes Home World First Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completion!

The results are in, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 Clan Luminous has achieved the world first completion of the brand new Deep Stone Crypt Raid!

First things first, a huge congratulations to Aoterra, Claw, Flux, Schendzie, SiegeDancers, and Sotosolice for snagging world first! This was an insane Raid in which many teams didn’t even make it past the second encounter in the first 24 hours. The Raid was significantly less difficult when the Contest modifier bringing all players down to 20 Power below the actual encounters was disabled allowing players to do significantly more damage to lower-tier enemies as well as the bosses.

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This was actually the first Raid Race that I myself have been able to participate in and boy was it an experience. The first “encounter” was like a mix of The Stills (the first encounter in Crota’s End with the lamps and cursed thralls) and the Sparrow race from Scourge of The Past, it was really fun to go into the Raid and figure out the encounters without looking at any outside information such as Twitch streams or Twitter, going into the Raid completely blind definitely makes it more enjoyable and a lot more satisfying once you start to figure things out.

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Myself as well as many others thought that Redeem would have taken home the world first completion as they have for nearly every Destiny Raid to date, but it seems as though they missed out on yet another world first completion. For a time, the Math Class clan was in the lead and it looked like Datto might have finally snagged one, though this time they did make it within the first 24 hours (never forget 24:02).

This was a really fun experience for all players and even if you didn’t participate in it, once it was completed for the first time, a couple of new quest lines were unlocked for all players including an Exotic Quest for the Exotic Sword “The Lament.” Congratulations to Luminous yet again, and I’d like to congratulate my Raid team (Jordan, Christine, Sahar, Anthony, Shorse, and myself) of the Legends of Chaw clan.

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