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Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris Disabled Yet Again Due to Stasis Bug

Destiny 2 has been plagued with all kinds of bugs with the release of Beyond Light and Trials of Osiris hasn’t had it any easier this time around as it’s been disabled again.

Trials of Osiris, the classic competitive PvP mode that has been around Destiny since the release of House of Wolves back in 2015, has always had its ups and downs, but ever since it’s been reintroduced in Destiny 2, many players have had a lot of issues with the playlist, mostly due to cheaters. This time around, it’s not the cheaters that have been plaguing the mode, it’s actually the game itself.

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Stasis, the new Darkness based Guardian subclass introduced in Beyond Light has broken the game in more ways than one. First there was the ability to insta-melt Raid bosses, then it got nerfed pretty hard in PvE. Then people complained about it in PvP, so it had a selection of nerfs here and there to try and alleviate some of the pain in that realm. There was a bug that had been discovered that pushed the initial Trials of Osiris launch date back until November 27 and players were already not happy about that. Now there’s been yet another recently discovered bug on the day that Trials of Osiris was supposed to be open to players for the weekend, that has forced Bungie to delay it once more. This time, they have not announced a date of return for the mode.

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I don’t know for sure when, or even if, Trials of Osiris will return to Destiny 2, but I hope it’s soon, I’ve been itching to try to get my hands on some of the brand new Adept weapons that Bungie is introducing, but it looks like only time will tell when we’ll be able to wield them. Until Bungie gives us an update on when Trials of Osiris is slated to return…eyes up, Guardians.

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