Destiny 2: What I Learned After Achieving Season Rank 500 in Season of Arrivals

Well…I finally did it. After a much longer season than anticipated, I reached Season Rank 500 in the Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals pass…so why did I do it?

Season of Arrivals Season Pass

With 19 days left in the Season of “The Never-ending”– I mean Season of Arrivals, after hundreds of bounties completed, thousands of enemies defeated, and so many public event completions, I finally reached Season Rank 500, but why? Well, long story short, I wanted to test how far I could go. I wanted to see if it was possible for me to do the (seemingly) impossible. So was it worth it? No, It was not. If you’re a “Tommy Tryhard” as popular content creator, Fallout Plays, puts it then you might end up pretty close to 500 anyway, but if you play casually then I suggest aiming to just complete the pass and stop bounty farming when you reach 100. So what did I learn after this? Well…

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  • If you’re going to bounty farm, the Gunsmith and Moon bounties are the least painful ways to do it
  • There needs to be some more consistent rewards for players who surpass rank 100 (more than a bright engram every few ranks) to incentivize players to keep playing for the rest of the season
  • Destiny burnout is a very real thing


What I’ve found from hundreds of hours of bounty farming is that daily Gunsmith and Moon bounties are very easy to complete and they reward players with a reasonable amount of XP. More often than not, they also go hand in hand. For instance, several Gunsmith bounties such as Submachine Gun Calibration (Base XP: 6000)/Advanced Submachine Gun Calibration (Base XP: 4000) and the Moon bounty “Lunar Rundown”(Base XP: 6000) all require enemies defeated with submachine guns, if you pick up these bounties, then head to Sorrow’s Harbor, and begin the public event Altar of Sorrow (which also gives XP when completed), that’s 3 bounties completed right off the bat for a base XP total of 16000. This is without any XP bonuses, but if players reach Season Rank 100, that number comes up to 21120 (with the 32% XP bonus from reaching rank 100).

Gunsmith Bounties
Moon Bounties

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There are very little rewards given to players after reaching rank 100 and completing the Season Pass, other than a Bright engram containing various cosmetics from past (and current) seasons as well as some Bright Dust. These engrams are supposed to drop every 5 ranks after reaching rank 100, but this just…doesn’t seem to be the case. The engram drops seemed to drop sometimes more often than usual and sometime less often, it is possible that it is working as intended, but it doesn’t feel like it. There needs to be something more that players can work towards, whether it is more cosmetics or planetary materials, gunsmith materials, whatever it is, there needs to be something.


In regards to burnout, it is incredibly difficult to play any game for such a long period of time, even more so when the game in question is in such a content drought. That’s just the way that things are, there’s not much that can be done about that. That being said, it is my own fault that I am now burnt out of the game (mostly) since I played so much and most of that playtime was spent doing mindless activities for hours on end.

Well..there it is, just about everything I’ve learned after playing Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals for so long that I reached Season Rank 500. Now I’m going to finish out Festival of the Lost and be done until Beyond Light launches on November 10 and I am inevitably forced to restart my venture yet again, until then…eyes up, Guardians!

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