DiRT 5 Gameplay: Everything We Know So Far

Recently, DiRT 5 gameplay footage has surfaced online to showcase the upcoming rally arcade-sim game from racing game veterans Codemasters.

When discussing DiRT 5 gameplay, there’s a few things that are worth focusing on throughout this article. Firstly, there are two performance modes for DiRT 5 on the Xbox Series Consoles. On the Xbox Series X, you can choose from Image Quality Mode and Frame Rate Mode. Image Quality Mode prioritises the visuals and offers semi-consistent 60 FPS performance, however Frame Rate Mode offers a more-consistent FPS and allegedly hits 120 FPS fairly well.

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DiRT 5 Gameplay
Credit: Codemasters

Without a 120 FPS option on a lot of video-sharing platforms, it’ll be difficult to experience this improvement without a hands-on test. However, the dusty tracks that feature throughout DiRT 5 are complimented well with the increased frame rates. Unlike DiRT 4, though, DiRT 5 only features one handling mode. Rather than “fun” and “realistic”, DiRT 5 is geared more towards the arcade-stylings of “fun”.

Check Out DiRT 5 Gameplay From Codemasters Below

One criticism seen online is that DiRT 5 still underwhelms and doesn’t deliver graphically on the promises of next-generation consoles. Reportedly, it looks incredibly similar to DiRT 4 and allegedly the terrain is the worst of it. Sadly, in a rally-cross game such as DiRT 5, terrain is a fairly big feature.

Allegedly, this is not aided by the limited camera usage and low-resolution distance backdrops. It all takes away from the experience you’re meant to be having. DiRT 5 appears to utilise the next-gen console technology through it’s gameplay and stability, more than pushing the limits of it’s graphical performance.

Discussions on DiRT 5 do raise an important question regarding cross-generational titles: Will Developers be able to full utilise the advantages of the new technology if they are still catering to older consoles? It seems unlikely, in truth. When you play the Black Ops Cold War Beta, for example, it doesn’t feel like a next-gen title. It just feels like a new Black Ops. Not to say this is a bad thing, but it does make you wonder if the next-gen option is even going to be worth the extra money.

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