Divinity Original Sin Review – Perfect Game for Date Night?

Have you and your significant other been separated due to the coronavirus? Well, a Kickstarter game that released in 2014 could be exactly what you need to spice up your love-life during quarantine. Find out with our Divinity Original Sin review.

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition is a turn-based RPG created by Larian Studios where we take on the role of Source Hunters who are asked by the Order to investigate a mysterious murder in a small town.

A Gripping Story Full of Choices

Upon arriving at the beach, our heroes witness something inexplicable and must take chase to find out what horror has been looming over this small town, but the fun hasn’t even started yet. Divinity slowly brings you in with the run of the mill quests that eventually become more extravagant, scary, and difficult.

Quarrels come quickly and unexpectedly making you feel the need to prepare for all situations. Credit: Yeti Arcade

One moment, you could find yourself fighting for your life against a seemingly endless hoard of murderous orcs and next you could be conversing with a cat about his love life. You may choose to defend a town from the impending undead or have a conversation with a small time thief about the morality of stealing fish.

All things in Divinity have more than one ending. Each conversation with an NPC could end with them loving you and offering deals at their shop or end with them cursing your name and refusing to speak with you again. Every side quest gives the option of benefitting the quest-giver or benefitting yourself.

Divinity’s Character Creation

Screenshot of character creation for Divinity Original Sin
Character creation in Divinity. Credit: WCCFTech

Will you prefer the safety and accuracy of an archer or the brute force of a warrior? How about the frightening summons that a witch can conjure? All of these choices are just some of the important decisions you’ll make on your quest to save Cyseal.

Figuring out what equipment you’ll bring into the fray and how to craft potions and grenades that provide the best advantages over your enemies are some of the deeper conversations and discoveries you’ll have on your journey.

Strategy that Evolves with Every Fight

Environmental dangers can force players to make on the spot changes to their usual strategies. Credit: GameSkinny

Where the game may seem rather simple, the hidden mechanics will turn every bit of your strategy on its head. For instance, if there’s oil on the floor, water flowing with electricity, and poison clouds filling the air, how do you reach your target for melee combat? Easy! Set fire to everything, cause a massive explosion, wait for the flames to settle, then destroy your opponent.

Where the fights are common and exciting, the puzzles are deep and rare. Where you could always look up a guide for each of them, it’s far more rewarding to take the time to converse about the possible solutions. If there’s four colored gargoyle statues that have been speaking to townsfolk, how do you get them to talk to you?

A Cheaper and Long-lasting Alternative to Traditional Date Nights

Will you choose reason, intimidation, or charm to persuade someone? Credit: IGN

These questions will pass through your mind frequently as you and your loved-one take quests and slay monsters. If you’re disappointed at the lack of ability to leave the house and go out to eat, stand side-by-side with your sweetheart and protect them from any orcs, ghosts, or cultists that want show them to their early corporeal retirement.

With hundreds of hours of gameplay, hundreds of decisions to make, and a universe to save, you and your partner will grow closer than ever before. Besides, what’s more romantic than bringing your love chocolates? Bringing them the head of a sourcerer. Duh.

Screenshot of split-screen and online gameplay in Divinity Original Sin
Split-screen and online gameplay makes it easy to enjoy this title with your loved-one no matter the distance between you. Credit: Game Informer

Divinity Original Sin Review

Where dinner and a movie may cost you around $60 and require driving around and wearing a face mask, Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for the low price of $40 and can be played comfortably from home.

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