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Doom Eternal Releasing On Nintendo Switch June 27th?

Doom Eternal released worldwide on March 20th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia, and a Nintendo Switch version was meant to release but ended up being delayed. Now a potential leak has revealed it will be finally released on Nintendo Switch on June 27th.

A new listing has appeared on The Game Collection’s eBay account which lists the game as releasing June 27th. This does hold some weight, as The Game Collection is a legitimate game retailer and not just a random account. One thing to note, though, is that the release date doesn’t show on the regular website’s listing and instead just says “TBC 2020”. So whether the team who manages the eBay page jumped the gun, we’re not sure. But this might be the good news Switch owners have been waiting for.

It is easy to see why the game was delayed, having played it on PC. It is a very great-looking game and very fast-paced, and it probably took a lot of extra effort to get it to perform well on the Switch. The Doom 2016 port is fantastic, so I expect the same will be said about Doom Eternal. Here is what we said about Doom Eternal.

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