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Double Pug Switch: Good Boy or Belongs in the Dog House?

Double Pug Switch, released on October 22, 2020, is essentially Geometry Dash with cute (and evil) animal characters.

Double Pug Switch

“Take control of the Pug Otis, the loyal companion of the Professor! After an accident in the Professor’s lab involving the mischievous cat Whiskers and some Portal Fluids, Otis and Whiskers are sucked into an alternate dimension. Challenge yourself with side-scrolling alternative dimension switching mania requiring lightning quick reflexes to jump, hop, and dimension swap your way to victory. Hop, dimension swap and navigate your way through unique dimensions to chase down Whiskers and save him from his evil wrongdoings!”

Credit: Nintendo

Published by Apriori Digital, Double Pug Switch is a fun, wonky, and playful side-scrolling platformer in which you play as Otis, a lovably dumb, clumsy, and occasionally dimension-shifting pug. Your goal as Otis is to make it through level after level in order to make it back to the Professor while avoiding spiky obstacles and encounters with a cat named Whiskers who dubs himself the evil “Lord Sker.”

The levels in Double Pug Switch play very much like Geometry Dash where your character runs along a path as the screen moves and the player taps or clicks to hop over dangerous obstacles that are placed in your way to hinder your adventures. Putting these 2 games back-to-back, I think that Geometry Dash handles a lot better as the gravity variable in Double Pug Switch feels much too high. When the jump button is released (or your finger is removed from the screen), Otis will start to fall back to the ground, but instead of falling it feels more like he’s being pulled to the ground, so the jump curve is much shorter than I feel like it should be, it doesn’t feel natural.

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Occasionally, you will see platforms of a different color that may appear translucent, this is where Otis’ dimension-switching powers come in handy. Pressing the respective button (“A” on Switch) will send Otis to an alternate dimension which will, in turn, make these platforms appear as normal and allows Otis to run on said platforms. I like the concept of this, but at times it felt like a bit much in a Geometry Dash type platformer. I can appreciate the attempt to keep the game unique, but it’s just too much going on in the game to really feel necessary.

Hats on Hats on Cats (but actually dogs)

Double Pug Switch, as many modern games now do, also has a cosmetic shop. This shop known as “Homburg’s Hats” allows the player to purchase many various hats that can be equipped on Otis’ head. Each world has its own set of hats that the player can purchase with coins acquired from each level in the game.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the alien hat from The Meowtopia world.

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So there you have it…our review for Double Pug Switch. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below! You can play Double Pug Switch on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch right now!

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