Dragon Age: Solas Returns In Trailer For Dragon Age 4 Cinematic

During the Game Awards this year, fans got an exciting look at the new Dragon Age title and the return of character-favourite Solas! Here’s everything you need to know.

Dragon Age 4 has been rumoured, whispered about, and hoped for for a long time. Now, at long last, fans have some confirmation that it does-indeed exist and it is-indeed coming.

At The Game Awards 2020, there was a lot of new stuff. Asides from the actual awards, fans got a look at what’s coming in the world of gaming and the latest collaborations for Fortnite and Smash Bros.

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But, enough about that. We’re here to talk about fucking Dragon Age and the return of Solas. In the cinematic trailer below, you’ll be able to see that the world is once-again in danger… Classic Dragon Age stuff, really.

Who is Solas in Dragon Age anyway?

Solas is an Elven Apostate Hedge Mage and an expert on the Fade, that appears heavily in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In Inquisition, he’s a romance-able companion for certain character types and an all-round favourite.

What makes his appearance at the end of the Cinematic Trailer important is that it seemingly confirms that the next Dragon Age title will be a sequel / prequel to Inquisition… Rather than a stand-alone story in the Dragon Age world. Not only that, but it appears to suggest that Solas might be an antagonist in Dragon Age 4.

Spoilers Ahead For Inquisition.

This is because in a post-credits scene, Solas is actually identified and addressed as the Dread Wolf. He also seems to have absorbed a certain power from Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds. The Dead Wolf is also known as Fen’Harel… The Elven God of betrayal.

Dragon Age Solas
Credit: ONL

When you consider the narrative monologue from the Cinematic Trailer above, this all seems very exciting for Dragon Age fans. Is Solas going to be the antagonist in Dragon Age 4? Or, more aptly, a misunderstood leader in the restoration of the Elven people.

I know I’d like to see him back as a companion, but only time will tell. It’s also worth noting that the narrator appears to be Varrick. This is seemingly more confirmation that the game is a continuation from the most-recent title.

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