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DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major – Group Stage Recap!

After two days on intense competition, the Leipzig Major group stage is now over, let the playoffs begin! We have four groups to examine, so let’s go over the winners, the losers and what to expect over the next few days of Dota!

Group A:

Team Nigma (1st):

First up was defending Major champions TNC Predator, Nigma managed to recover from a rough game one, to then go onto dominate the series, winning 2-1. The following day, up stepped another SEA team Fnatic. While Fnatic managed to put up a good fight, Nigma and in particular “Miracle-“ proved too strong. Scary fact, “Miracle-“ is undefeated when playing Phantom Lancer and Slark

Team Nigma played two excellent games to secure their place in the upper bracket. While Nigma has developed a reputation for being slow starters at tournaments, the Minor champions have bucked tradition! Meeting them in the upper bracket will be Evil Geniuses, who will most likely immediately drop them to lower bracket!

Fnatic (2nd):

Upper bracket secured, job done, good work Fnatic. An opening day victory over Team Aster led into an epic series against Nigma, while the SEA roster will be disappointed they didn’t manage to take a game off the Minor champions, especially after having a 30k+ gold lead in game one they ultimately achieved their goal. Now two wins against a rather average Team Aster shouldn’t leave Fnatic too cocky as will face a strong Team Secret side who have looked formidable so far in Leipzig.

Team Aster (3rd):

I’m not really sure what to make of Team Aster, while I’m impressed they managed to defeat TNC Predator, they were outclassed by Fnatic twice! I can’t see them can’t very far in this tournament. In the lower bracket, they will play Chaos Esports Club, now that is a game that either team can win, just don’t ask me who!

TNC Predator (4th):

TNC Predator is in a strange position right now. They won the MDL Chengdu Major in convincing fashion, but have struggled since, limping through the Leipzig Qualifiers and falling well short of expectations at the ONE Esports Singapore Invitational. It seems TNC have been hit the hardest by the nerfs to Alchemist and Morphling, only time will tell if they recover from this rough form and show us their best again!

While I didn’t expect TNC to make the upper bracket, I did expect them to put up a better showing than this. They started strongly enough taking a game off of Team Nigma, before getting destroyed by Team Aster, only collecting 16 kills in the entire series! Now, this SEA roster will meet another SEA roster, Reality Rift in the lower bracket Bo1. Normally, I would predict TNC to win this game comfortably, however, given their shaky form and the surprising strength of Reality Rift this game could provide a huge upset!

Group B:

Team Secret (1st):

Team Secret headed into the DreamLeague Leipzig Major as title contenders, however, they instantly had to go up against top tier competition in Vici Gaming who they ultimately overcame winning the series 2-1. Secret then quickly took apart BeastCoast, with one of the games even ending at 322! Team Secret has met expectations so far at this event, new acquisition “MATUMBAMAN” has fitted into brilliantly not even dying in the tournament so far! ”Puppey’‘ and his boys will meet Fnatic the upper bracket a series they will be expected to win, let’s see if they can deliver when it matters!

Vici Gaming (2nd):

Vici Gaming came into this event, major runners up plus they recently won the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational! Expectations were high, up first was Team Secret, now Vici Gaming and Team Secret faced eachother at the ONE Esports Dota 2 Invitational. With the Chinese team coming out on top, before going on to win the entire tournament! However, this time Vici Gaming gave us a very underwhelming appearance. Their sloppy performance saw them make mistake after mistake throughout the series, ending in a 2-1 loss. Thankfully, Vici Gaming was able to quickly recover, swiftly defeating both Chaos and BeastCoast 2-0 in both series. They will meet fellow Chinese roster Invictus Gaming in the Upper Bracket, hopefully, Vici have shaken off their opening day form and show us their powerful potential

Beastcoast (3rd):

I do feel sorry for Beastcoast, coming into this tournament having to play with a stand-in, then getting put into a group with two of the strongest Dota teams in the world! Still, they put a decent showing, taking down Chaos Esports Club 2-0 on the opening day! Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome the strength of Team Secret and Vici Gaming so they fall to lower bracket. They will play fellow South American squad PaiN Gaming, meaning only one SA will survive the deadly Bo1’s.

Chaos Esports Club (4th):

Now Chaos really let me down, losing both series 2-0, with all games finishing before 40 minutes. They just look really limp and lifeless, they will need to quickly improve if they want to continue their journey in the Leipzig Major, a Bo1 against Team Aster will be do or die!

The Leipzig Major

Group C:

Invictus Gaming (1st):

Another Major, another Upper Bracket placement for Invictus Gaming! During the MDL Chengdu Major, IG managed an incredible 3rd place finish and they could well be on the way for another high placing after a strong group stage execution. Whilst they did lose one game against Reality Rift, since then they have looked back to their very best!

Alliance (2nd):

AdmiralBulldog will be pleased! Alliance have made the Upper Bracket for the second Major in a row! Alliance will face Natus Vincere in the Upper Bracket, this a match they could definitely win if they put on their top form. However, with Navi looking powerful, Alliance will need to be very careful!

Reality Rift (3rd):

Probably the biggest surprise of the group stage for me was the impressive performances of Reality Rift, who have veterans “kYxY” and “NutZ” leading a group of SEA youngsters. It was an unbelievable achievement to even make it to the major in the first place and I only foresaw a rapid exit from the tournament. However, taking a game away from IG before smashing Virtus Pro 2-0 has left me very impressed! While they do find themself in the Lower Bracket, they will face an out of form TNC Predator. Could we see the upset of the tournament?

Virtus Pro (4th):

Now here was a surprise, or was it? Virtus Pro going 0-2 not winning a single game all group stage. Going into this event VP was something of an unknown with their only showing this Dota season being at ESL One Hamburg 2019 where they finished 5-6th with some uninspiring performances. Now they will have to play a lower bracket Bo1 against Team Liquid and given VP’s performances during the Leipzig Major group stage I don’t give them much hope.

Group D:

Natus Vincere (1st):

Navi are back boys! Wait not just yet, but they’re looking good! Stunning Evil Geniuses on the first day before dismantling Team Liquid the following day, Navi has cruised into the Upper Bracket! This is made even more surprising because Natus Vincere failed to make the first major/minor and only finished top 8 at the ONE Esports Singapore Invitational! Their Upper Bracket matchup will be against Alliance. This will be the true test for Navi, can they win when it truly matters and secure a minimum top 6 finish at the Leipzig Major!

Evil Geniuses (2nd):

An odd group stage for EG, the defeat to Navi was obviously the attention-grabbing headline everyone noticed. But after that they quickly returned to business, demolishing PaiN Gaming with both games ending in less than 30 minutes. In the Decider Match, they faced Team Liquid in an absolute barn burner! It was an epic series with the North American roster just coming out on top!

Team Liquid (3rd):

I don’t know what to think about Team Liquid, it’s just not the same without ”KuroKy” and his soldiers. I just can’t see this roster ever doing anything of note, I reckon they’ll make most events but never place high. But, maybe I’m wrong and Team Liquid will make a daring run through the Lower Bracket but I’ll believe it when I see it.

PaiN Gaming (4th):

South American Dota. If it ain’t Beastcoast I’m not interested. Okay, that was rude, but it does seem that Beastcoast has all the top SA talent. Leaving PaiN Gaming as the forgotten team. Other than taking a game off of Team Liquid, it was a completely forgettable Group Stage for PaiN. This leaves them with a Bo1 against South American rivals Beastcoast, a match I do not think they can win. Even with Beastcoast playing with a stand-in I expect this to be the end for PaiN Gaming.

In Conclusion:

I’m still totally at a loss as to who is going to win this Major. If I had to put my money down I would pick between Team Secret or Evil Geniuses. Who do you think will win The Leipzig Major, leave a comment below!

The Leipzig Major

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