Dundee Esports Stadium Budget & Ambitions Revealed

More information regarding the Dundee Esports Stadium have been revealed. The budget allocated sits between £40 million and £60 million and it will have an estimated 4,000 seats.

It isn’t the first location in the world you would expect to find a planned esports stadium, but the Northern Lights Arena Europe (NLAE) have expressed their intentions to build an arena in Dundee’s waterfront area.

The firm in charge have agreed to develop the arena in sites 10 and 11 of the Dundee Waterfront, between Slessor Gardens and the Apex Hotel.

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During a webinar today, Luc Delany has shared some exciting tidbits of information about the build. Delany is the Director of Technology and Esports for NLEA.

The Dundee Arena will have a budget around £40 million and £60 million, with aims that it will be complete in 2024.

Dundee Esports Stadium
The Original Design Plans from September, 2020 / Credit: The Courier

Despite images circulating of the planned design, which was announced September, Delany has expressed that these are not final and the team are “going back to the drawing board”.

Dundee Esports Stadium Partnerships

Delany has expressed that the arena in Dundee would be a boon for the local economy, referring to game tournaments as operating much like a “rock concert”. NLEA are also working with Amazon to make Dundee one of the best streaming venues out there, hoping to transform Dundee into a streaming capital of the world. On top of this, NLEA is looking to work with Vital Energi to develop a low-carbon solution for the project and local customers in the Dundee City Centre.

Abertay University and D&A College are also partnered with the project, hoping to capitalise on the educational benefits the site could have. Delany believes that the arena will help to fill a skill-gap in the UK market regarding technical skills. For example, Delany used the network security that goes into professional esports tournaments and it’s benefits to society in larger tech-based roles.

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Do you think Dundee is the best place for a state-of-the-art esports arena?

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