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DWG Obliterates JDG – Making a Statement for Worlds 2020?

A complete stomp by DAMWON Gaming in Day 1 of Worlds Group Stage. When everyone was convinced that it would’ve been a very close game, the Korean 1st seed threw off all expectations, as they are looking more & more like the favorites of the tournament.

DWG vs JDG – Draft

In the draft phase, both teams banned out some comfort picks from each other: Pantheon, Akali, Kalista from JDG & Graves, Renekton, Thresh by DWG. Despite that, DWG was able to pick other comfort picks anyway. Nidalee, Camille & Leona were all champions played by the team during the summer split. On the other hand, JDG pulled out Lillia for Kanavi, as he was going to be the main magic damage dealer. JDG had surely prepared in order to make the pick work, but things didn’t turn out well…

DWG vs JDG – Game

JDG decided to go for a late invade in order to throw Nidalee’s early tempo off & making sure that Kanavi had the upper hand in the jungle vs jungle matchup. However, DWG had seen that coming & they had an answer: Nuguri walked towards his team to help & with him they picked up first blood.
From that point onwards, everything went downhill. JDG overcommitted many of the early game skirmishes to recover from the small deficit they had but DAMWON had always a way to answer the aggression. The gap slowly widened to the point of no return: around 20 minutes, DWG had an 8k gold lead plus a baron buff. In less than 5 minutes, DWG aced the enemies twice, destroying the nexus with a 125-7 kill score. An absolute dominance by the LCK seed, as they are now looking the favorites for winning group B.

With TSM vs FNC ending Day 1 of Group Stage, action will continue tomorrow. DWG will face Rogue while JDG will go up against PSG Talon. Who do you think is going to win? With JDG failing to deliver, will the same thing happen tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.
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