EA is Ready to Buy Glu

EA is Ready to Buy Glu

EA is ready to buy Glu, a mobile gaming giant that has developed games branded for worldwide celebrities like Gordon Ramsey and Kim Kardashian, and a WWE game.. Here’s what we know…

EA is ready to buy Glu
Credit: Polygon

EA is ready to buy Glu, a mobile game developer specializing in 3D titles. Glu has developed a game for the WWE, Gordon Ramsey, Kim Kardashian, Mickey Mouse/Disney, and the MLB.

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The deal will cost EA $2.1 Billion USD, which makes me soil my pants. With this purchase, EA is attempting to slowly grow its footprint in the mobile gaming market. Probably to screw people over with microtransactions, because that’s their whole thing. If that’s the case, then the mobile market is practically built for them.

With this acquisition, we can probably look forward to yearly NFL and NBA title releases on mobile, much like they already do on console. Included will probably be players at different stages in their career.

For example, a veteran Eli Manning (the highest-earning NFL player in history) would be behind a microtransaction, along with his rookie version, while his middling years might be the free versions. This is pure speculation though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if EA went that scummy.

If you can’t tell, I don’t like EA, like most gamers out there. What do you think EA is going to do with mobile games? Comment below.

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