Elder Scrolls 6: Release Date, Official Announcements, Rumours, Leaks & More

Like any upcoming release, we’re hungry for more information. In the article below, we’ll collate everything we know about Elder Scrolls 6, both rumoured and leaked, and confirmed. Here’s all we know…

Elder Scrolls 6, the long-awaited sequel to the ever-popular Skyrim, is finally upon us. If people thought Oblivion was popular back in the day, Skyrim has blown that completely out of the water. Surviving generations, Skyrim has proven to be a true classic of our age. Now, though, attention is being gradually turned onto the next title in Bethesda’s fantasy series…

Last year, Microsoft bought Bethesda for a whopping $7.5 billion USD. This had everyone wondering about the next Elder Scrolls game ( and vying for a Fallout: New Vegas remaster ) and whether it was still coming to PlayStation consoles. Eventually. As far as the world is aware, Elder Scrolls 6 will be cross-console. Xbox will just have an upper hand, which is fair. But is that all we know?

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The world has a lot of questions about Elder Scrolls 6 and the amount of dragons we’ll be able to slay.

Below, we’ll collate everything we know about Elder Scrolls 6 so far for you to look over. Rumours and Leaks will be tagged accordingly with a source if possible.

Elder Scrolls 6 Information

Recent Updates ;-

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

Currently, there is no official release date information regarding Elder Scrolls 6. ( 05/01/21 )

Todd Howard, speaking to IGN, has expressed the exhausting nature of switching between Fallout and Elder Scrolls repeatedly for developers. They also wanted to make Starfield and felt this was the best time given the successes of both Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online currently. ( 05/01/21 )

Elder Scrolls 6 Base Information

Any new Elder Scrolls title won’t be an Xbox Exclusive, but will be “first or better or best” on Microsoft platforms. Xbox CFO Tim Stuart and Phil Spencer have confirmed. ( 05/01/21 )

Elder Scrolls 6 Narrative Details

There is no concrete information regarding the narrative details surrounding Elder Scrolls 6. ( 05/01/21 )

RUMOUR – In 2018, Bethesda started the trademarking process for the term ‘ Redfall ‘; this is theorised to be in reference to a plague that appears in the Elder Scrolls world. It has been suggested that the gameplay would take place during this epic plague. ( 05/01/21 )

RUMOUR – Bethesda’s Happy New Year post contained a Skyrim map with candles on it. One of which was located near Hammerfell, driving rumours that the next Edler Scrolls title is taking place there. ( 05/01/21 )

Elder Scrolls 6
Credit: Bethesda

Gameplay Mechanics And Systems

Bethesda is overhauling their gameplay engine for Elder Scrolls 6. Todd Howard has said that partnering with Xbox has facilitated “our largest engine overhaul since Oblivion, with all new technologies powering… [ES6].” ( 05/01/21 )

Alpha and Beta Information

There is currently no information regarding any Alpha or Beta for the next Elder Scrolls title. ( 05/01/21 )

This is everything we know about Elder Scrolls 6. Be sure to bookmark the post, as we’ll be updating it as-and-when more information is available.

Are you ready to jump into the world of Elder Scrolls with a new, next-generation adventure?

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