Elisa Esports Forms a $2.7M CS:GO Tournament Tour

Elisa Esports CS:GO

Elisa Esports is determined to create a new Tier 1 event in the world of esports. This will be a series of events during 2021 and 2022 with a total prize pool of $2.7 million focusing on the European continent and teams. Welcome to the Elisa Esports CS:GO Tournament tour!

New partnerships between Elisa and GRID, Relog Media, and Funspark are aimed to bring together different tournaments under one roof. If you didn’t get what that means or who those companies are, don’t worry. In short – they combine different events to create one big CS:GO tour.

Tour Description

Different tournaments (Elisa Invitational, Home Sweet Home & Funspark) all will feature an overarching points system which by the words of Elisa is an easy way for teams and fans to follow the games and seasons.

All those tournaments will build-up to the grand final event called “Elisa Champion of Champions”, which is currently expected to take place in Fall 2022. While it is a long time away, the next Elisa Invitational will be organized from 28th June to 3rd July 2021.

This event will follow the regional and main swiss stages played throughout May and June. 8 teams will qualify for Elisa Invitational Summer, and 4 teams will receive invites.

After the Summer Invitational, we will also get Fall and Winter Invitationals later in 2021. The information about the invited teams for the Spring event will be disclosed closer to the event itself. In the upcoming weeks we are expecting to receive details about the “overarching” points system of the Elisa CS:GO tour.

Champion of Champions Structure

There are more details about this tour on the official Elisa Esports page. But here’s the breakdown of what to expect in the upcoming months (and years) from the Elisa Esports CS:GO tournament tour.

Qualification Stages (2021-2022)

  • Home Sweet Home tournaments ($1,200,000 total prize money)
  • Elisa Invitational tournaments ($400,000 total prize money)
  • Funspark tournaments ($330,000 total prize money)

LAN Stages (2022)

  • LAN Sweet LAN Masters tournament ($250,000 total prize money)
  • Elisa Masters tournament ($250,000 total prize money)
  • Funspark ULTI Grand Finals ($300,000 total prize money)


  • Online Qualification Stages, where teams collect points.
  • Offline LAN Stages, where teams collect points.
  • Elisa Champion of Champions tournament in 2022, where teams with the most points will battle for the title of the Champion of Champions.