Enlisted Is Out Now On Windows and Xbox Series X|S

From the team behind War Thunder, Enlisted is a WWII MMO squad-based shooter that brings a new level of scale to the genre. Think War Thunder, but evolved. Enlisted is an Xbox-console exclusive as of writing.

Enlisted could very-well be your next favourite game.

What makes Enlisted unique is it’s squad-based combat. Each player puts together their squad and deploys as one member. But, if you find yourself in a tight spot, you can actually change to another member of your squad! There’s AI controlling your squad, so you’re never alone out there, and you can direct them as you see fit.

This combination of AI-controlled combatants and player-controlled soldiers means battles in Enlisted can, and will be, massive. This is something Enlisted prides itself on, alongside Realism and Variety. It aims to keep the battle authentic, but offer a wide-range of classes to keep things fresh.

Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

Enlisted, when fully released, will feature four campaigns. The Battle for Moscow is currently available. The Battle of Tunis, Invasion of Normandy, and Battle of Berlin will all hopefully be coming soon.

Enlisted is taking a few things from War Thunder, aside from the team. Both Aviation-based vehicles and a number of tanks will be included in the chaotic warfare Enlisted promises. Check out the Beta Trailer below:

Enlisted Is Currently In Closed Beta / Game Preview

Enlisted may be in Closed Beta / Game Preview, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of content.

Closed beta test players can try various squads of assault troopers, snipers, machine gunners, flamethrowers, mortars, anti tank squads, engineers, radio operators, tankers, and pilots. Dozens of realistically modelled light and heavy firearms, as well as tanks, wheeled armoured vehicles, fighters, and attack aircraft are already available in the game. All of which are historically accurate and were actually used in the relevant period of World War II.

Enlisted is currently released as a Game Preview on the Xbox Series X|S and as a Closed Beta on Windows. Purchasing a Founders Pack will give you access to this.

Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

The Founders Pack includes content for both sides in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign; currently, the only campaign available. This includes the 75th Infantry Regiment and 5th Infantry Division for the Red Army, with PPk-41 submachine gun.

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Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht will gain access to the 449th Infantry Regiment and the 114th Infantry Division, with the MP 41 submachine gun.

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