Envy Win NSG, Clenching Top Seed For Regional First Strike Finals

Envy NSG

Team Envy have claimed the title of Nerd ST Gamers, securing top seed for the First Strike North America Regional Finals. 100 Thieves will finish their roster debut with the second place in hand.

Qualifying in the last spots, Renegades and Sentinels will also make it to the First Strike Finals. They boast the lowest seed, having finished 3rd-4th place.

This qualifier has defined the first four teams to lock an appearance on the opening North American event of the First Strike series. This series is a set of tournaments organized by Riot Games to crown the first set of regional champions for VALORANT.

How the First Strike North America circuit works – Reddit

100 Thieves started the series by picking Bind, but it was Envy to dash into the lead with a dominating team effort resulting on a 10-2 half as defenders.

The ‘Boys in Blue’ wouldn’t lose any more time on the first map, seizing the first three rounds of second time to close it 13-2.

Envy drew first blood on the series

Split would be a more balanced affair, with both teams going back and forth up up until Envy managed to run away with the result, streaking five rounds in a row. Under the impending doom of match-point, the Thieves would push one more round, but a 22 kill effort from Victor ‘food’ Wong on Omen would prove too difficult to overcome.

Ascent would be the last chance for the Thieves to get back in the series, but the forces of Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan would struggle to put any rounds on the board, even when individual plays gave the Thieves an early edge.

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Finding themselves on a demoralizing 9-3 half, the Thieves would win pistol round as they switched over to the defending side. However, Envy would eco them right back. Once again, it was time for individuals to shine, as a hero Vandal from Quan ‘dicey’ Tran would put one more for the Thieves.

100T didn’t get a chance in the series

But tried as they might, Envy would prove to be the superior team, as they would take the following three rounds in a row, sweeping the series on a clean 3-0 and claiming the top seed on the First Qualifier for the First Strike North America finals.

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