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Esports Org XSET Founded By Former FaZe Executives

FaZe Clan is getting a spinoff! Former executives of FaZe Clan have left the organization to form their own esports org. The new org, XSET, is going to be much more inclusive than other organizations, according to the founders. XSET already has plans for teams in Call of Duty, VALORANT and Fortnite.

In a New York Times interview, XSET founder Greg Selkoe stated he wanted to move away from the culture of current esports teams. “Gamers are from all walks of life and all backgrounds. But if you look at the current organizations, they sort of resemble a frat house. They’re not reflective of the racial and gender diversity in the gaming world” stated Selkoe. While the comparison to a frat house is pretty bold, it isn’t far off, especially considering his former organization was FaZe Clan.

Today, there aren’t many professional gamers who are female. Of course, there are plenty of female content creators on streaming platforms but there is no real spotlight on women in esports. The women who are currently involved in esports are usually on the production side of things and never the ones competing.  While the organization is claiming diversity, most of its signed players are male.

XSET Founders

Another factor that will set this new org apart is its headquarters. Rather than being stationed in Southern California like most other organizations, XSET will make its base in Boston. “We’re getting back to our East Coast roots. From Boston, New York, Philly, Atlanta, Miami, we’re working with kids in the places and spaces they know with the music they know, the fashion they know” said Marco Mereu, COO of XSET.

Can XSET Be A Game Changer?

The movement away from the esports bubble in California and the inclusion of gamers from all walks of life is the main draw for XSET. But will this venture become successful in changing the esports culture that exists today? If XSET is able to find success with the flagship of diversity, it may be possible to see more diversity in competitive teams.

To learn more about XSET, check out its website.

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