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Everything to expect from League’s virtual girl group, K/DA’s, “ALL OUT” EP

K/DA All Out

As we continue our path to the Worlds 2020 final stage, anticipation for League of Legends’ virtual girl group K/DA’s comeback has also been building. There has been promotional content left and right to hype up the “All Out” EP release and fans can’t wait to see what the group has in store for them.

“ALL OUT” EP Roster


On October 16th, K/DA released on their socials the full track list and collaboration roster for the upcoming album. Their pre-release “The Baddest” starts off the EP then followed by “MORE” which features 2018’s POP/STARS’s voices such as Madison Beer, Jaira Burns and (G)I-DLE, alongside Lexie Liu. The track also features the upcoming new champion and rising sensation, Seraphine. “Villain” showcases a collaboration with Madison Beer and Kim Petras, “Drum Go Dum” with Aluna, Bekuh Boom and “The Baddest” singer, Wolftyla. And lastly, “I’ll Show You” boasts are surprising line-up of Bekuh Boom, Annika Wells and popular K-pop group, TWICE. Bekuh Boom, who is well-known in the K-pop industry working with groups such as BLACKPINK and iKON, also receives writing credit for the album.

Worlds Championship Finals Performance

Just like the year POP/STARS was released, fans should be able to expect an AR peformance brought by the skilled Riot team along with the live artists’ performances. It is likely that “The Baddest” and “More” will be presented on stage, as the latter features the pink-haired upcoming new champion, Seraphine. (G)I-DLE, Wolftyla, Bea Miller, Lexie Liu, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns will bring the girl group to life. Fans wonder how they will be showcasing Seraphine as she is given credit as her own artist and “not voiced” by an established musician.

EP and “More” Music Video Release

On K/DA’s twitter account, they have announced that a music video for “More” will be released on October 28 which is just a couple days before the Worlds 2020 Finals stage. However, the full EP will be available on November 6. K/DA has been providing fans with snippets of their tracks on their social media accounts.

In addition to all the upcoming content coming from the popular virtual group, they have released some more information about the group and member’s origins and future plans on a special edition of SHARP magazine. Along with all of this are skins and event releases on the rift. Fans can expect quite a lot of K/DA for promos for the next few weeks.

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