Evil Geniuses Announce Their First VALORANT Roster

Evil Geniuses will finally mark their entry into Riot’s first-person shooter, revealing a high profile mixed-gender roster that aims to compete at the VALORANT Champions Tour.

In a tweet posted this Wednesday, the North-American organisation has presented its new VALORANT squad, composed by former Moon Raccoons duo Aleksandar ‘aleksandar’ Hinojosa and Nolan ‘Temperature’ Pepper, Ronan ‘Osias’ Javelona, Claudia ‘clawdia’ Che and Christine ‘Potter’ Chi.

Having left Moon Raccoons after a four-month tenure with the organisation, Aleksandar and Temperature will link up again in Evil Geniuses, with a competitive past in duelists and initiators, making them the most likely candidates for the front-line of this squad.

The 18-year-old Filipino Osias will face a new challenge in Evil Geniuses, climbing up the ranks in the North-American scene playing under Mamba Mode Gaming and Mystify.

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Coming from the opposite angle will be clawdia, which has gathered some limited tournament appearances, linking up with Potter in mixed team GX3 to reach the 2nd place finish in FTW Summer Showdown.

Potter will be officially making the transition to VALORANT, after a long career spanning across Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was in CS:GO that she managed to conquer some titles in the North-American scene under the CLG Red jersey, having later on transitioned to RES Gaming.

Potter will represent Evil Geniuses in VALORANT
Potter spent the last two years of her CS:GO career as an analyst (Credit: Beyond the Summit)

In 2019, Potter transitioned to an Analyst role, having been a common appearance in the broadcast of tournaments such as BLAST and Flashpoint. This roster will be her return to the servers, albeit in a different game, with the 34-year-old taking on a new challenge in a brand-new scene.

The Evil Geniuses VALORANT team had its debut yesterday, making it all the way to the Round of 64 in the first Open Qualifiers for the VALORANT Champions Tour, an all-new esports circuit sponsored directly by Riot Games, planned to determine the best teams in the World in a series of tournaments during 2021.

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