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Evil Geniuses Move to Face Liquid in cs_summit 6 Upper Final

This might be a turnaround for some of North America’s Counter-Strike coveryboys. Evil Geniuses will move ahead in the cs_summit 6 North America playoffs. After defeating Gen.G in a best of three, Tarik and the crew are set to face off with Team Liquid.

Evil Geniuses went head to head with Gen.G in the upper bracket semi-finals earlier today. While EG came out on top in the end, Gen.G didn’t just hand over a free win.

Map 1: Train

Map 1, Train, was Gen.G’s pick which is where they put on their best performance. Unfortunately for them, EG put on a textbook CT side netting 10 round wins. Switching sides, Gen.G got into the same groove, but Cerq displayed an amazing performance, coming out with 23 kills, 5 of them opening kills and 9 assists. Despite the fact that EG won, Gen.G’s very own daps was the star of the show, top fragging with 28 kills and an ADR of 95.2.

Map 2: Inferno

As the second map of the series, Inferno was EG’s pick and it showed. Gen.G took pistol round in the first half (CT) but not much else. After they swapped sides, Gen.G found their momentum with five rounds in a row. But EG came back and clinched the series with a streak of their own, putting the map to rest 16-10. While Train was Cerq’s map, Inferno was Ethan’s. Ethan far surpassed everyone in the server with an insane ADR of 110.02, a K/D dif of +9 and a rating of 1.62.

Evil Geniuses
EG Wins ESL One New York

With these results against Gen.G, winners of ESL One Road to Rio, EG can feel confident moving further down the bracket. Evil Geniuses is a strong team, even winning ESL One New York, but moving into 2020 has shaken up their consistency. Their next opponent will be Team Liquid, who have been on a recovery tour themselves. You can catch their match on the match, Friday on the Beyond the Summit Twitch Channel.