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Evil Geniuses Take 2nd Title of 2020 With cs_summit 6

Evil Geniuses have secured another title with the end of cs_summit 6. EG swept the competition away, winning against Gen.G in a BO3, not losing a single map. While Gen.G looked to win the rematch after being knocked to the lower bracket earlier this week, they just couldn’t make it. The top NA squad closes out the season with another championship in their belt.

With the map advantage due to winning the upper bracket, Evil Geniuses were already off to a great start. Gen.G tried to break the momentum of EG by taking the first three rounds of Train, but EG turned it right around. Evil Geniuses demolished their opponents, allowing only one round loss for the rest of the map. CeRq, the match MVP, walked out of Train with an insane rating of 2.0 and a +17 K/D difference. In both matches against Evil Geniuses in this tournament, Gen.G picked and lost Train.

Evil Geniuses

Map two EG rushed out of the gate and secured nine round wins on the Terrorist side of Inferno. Gen.G pushed back with a few rounds, but the half ended 11-4, and Gen.G knew they were in trouble. Despite that, the squad almost mounted an incredible comeback, putting up ten rounds. Unfortunately for them, Evil Geniuses clutched out two final rounds in a row to put the series to bed. Together, Ethan and Brezhe dominated the map, putting up a combined 54 kills.

While Gen.G fought tooth and nail to make it to the grand finals after their first defeat against Evil Geniuses, history repeated itself. Gen.G lost on the same maps to the same team. Gen.G put up a better fight the first time around but the principal is the same.

New Hot Streak For The Geniuses

Evil Geniuses had a rough start in 2020, but as year went on, the newly-crowned top NA team is making a mark as teams head into the Summer break. The two major victories that EG has taken (the first being BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Americas Final) are signifying a re-energized squad. Fans of EG will have to hope the energy continues through the break into the DreamHack Open Summer, as we have seen Team Liquid wreak havoc on the scene in the first half of 2019 only to come up empty-handed after the break ended. If the Geniuses can hold that momentum, they will be without a doubt the best team in North America.