Ex-Winstrike Qualify for ESL Pro League Season 14

Having recently parted ways with the CIS organisation, ex-Winstrike secured this Sunday a spot at the ESL Pro League Season 14. Hailing all the way from the lower-bracket, the team lead by Alexey “Nickelback” Trofimov managed to defeat SAW 3-1, qualifying to the prestigious ESL franchised league.

The Portuguese squad will leave this final empty handed, as the last spot in the ESL Pro League is set to be attributed through their recently launched Request for Proposal (RFP) initiative, highly reducing their chances of becoming the first Portuguese team on the circuit.

Coming from the Upper Bracket gave SAW a one map advantage, with ex-Winstrike taking us to Mirage in the hopes of equalizing the series as soon as possible. The Portuguese squad was on the driving seat for the first few rounds but eventually trailed by three at the end of the half.

On the second half, the CIS team would reign supreme, with seven unanswered rounds on their defensive side closing the map out 16-6.

The scenario would be similar on Nuke, with ex-Winstrike slowly but surely coming out on top by the end of first time. SAW would have to rely on a good defence to bounce back into the map, but Viktor “Lack1” Boldyrev would carry on the good form and position his team for a 16-11 win.

Train would be our next stop at the series and SAW had every chance to flip the momentum of the series starting off in the CT side. Omar “arki” Chakkor was firing on all cylinders, but SAW was still one round down by the end of the half.

The CIS roster wouldn’t show mercy on their own defensive side, with SAW grabbing a single round before Winstrike reached 16 and secured not only the series but a precious spot at the ESL Pro League Season 14.

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