Fall Guys’ Big Yeetus is here, Cheaters Beware

Big Yeetus has arrived. Ok, the title might be a little dramatic, but Fall Guys has had a cheating problem (yep, a cheating problem in a game targeted for young players). Big Yeetus is here, and cheaters and non-cheaters alike should be very very nervous about the newest addition to Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys.

Developers first leaked on Twitter that there would be a Big Yeetus and an Anti-Cheatus. The anti-cheat software is new to the game, and Fall Guys is continuing to improve upon what might be one of the games of the year so far.

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“No reports of cheaters since the update dropped …is it safe to celebrate yet?” The Fall Guys account tweeted.

Fall Guys’ Big Yeetus is a dynamic variation of the normal hammers that swing and knock off players. There will be more types of variations in the future, including completely new objects in order to spice up maps. As fun as Fall Guys already is, adding extra things like this can help from maps becoming stale. This happens ever to often with a game that reaches the popularity that Fall Guys has.

There are other things coming in the patch. The new anti-cheat system is now in. This is the system used by Epic Games in order to curb cheating. It seems that anti-cheat has been in the works for a bit. Mediatonic implemented “cheater island” earlier in the game’s cycle, placing players caught hacking in their own personal Fall Guys hell.

This patch is also set to help server stability, another problem that players have raised about the game. This new anti-cheat system is on the PC only right now, where a lot of players can more easily hack.

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