Fall Guys Season 2 Start Date and Time

Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys season 2 will start tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 8 with a brand new medieval theme across all servers. The developer team announced the big update to the game on August 27, letting the public know what to expect in the second season of the fun but infuriating game that was the king of Twitch for about a month.

What time will Fall Guys season 2 start?

Season 2 should be expected to launch in the morning in the west coast of the United States. In the U.K., expect the update to come in the early or late afternoon on Thursday. This seems to be the normal time for updates to come in games. Devolver Digital has not announced anything in specific

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What should players expect?

Players should expect to see a flurry of new maps and costumes. The theme is medieval, which means players should expect to see castles and moats and new forms of ways to make you mad at the game. This also means there should be a lot things for players to explore.

Also, expect everything you have to carry over besides level. The season is bound to reset your rank as you go on, making your progression completely new. But your costumes and stats should still show up, and the rewards of your time and effort will not go away.

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Another thing to consider is what will happen with season 1 costumes you haven’t purchased yet. They might not be available in season two, so stock up now. Besides, there are a few days of double-xp/fame before the second season begins.

Happy playing. Fall Guys season 2 should be a ton of fun. Being able to dive back into this game will be a great time.