Fallen Angel: is it Heavenly or Hellish?

Fallen Angel is like Binding of Isaac had a pixel-art baby with Devil May Cry. So let’s talk about it.

What is Fallen Angel?

Developed by Matrioshka Games and published by V Publishing, Fallen Angel is described as “a symphony of pixel art and demon-fuelled action. Fallen Angel blends melee and ranged combat in a fast-paced pixel action RPG with boss battles to spare. Battle angelic armies and ascend through weird and warped holy realms and claim vengeance.”

Credit: Steam

So how do Binding of Isaac and Devil May Cry come into play with Fallen Angel? Well, throughout the game, you play as Lucifer traveling across different levels and locations fighting a wide variety of enemies and…bosses. The boss fights in Fallen Angel are pretty fun, though some boss fights in the early game are fairly simple (most likely to ease the player into various mechanics and enemy types). They are very reminiscent of the boss fights in Binding of Isaac with traveling bosses as well as bullet-hell types that constantly spew oceans of ranged attacks for the player to carefully navigate and weave between attacks.

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Fallen Angel also takes influence from the biblical themes of both Binding of Isaac as well as Devil May Cry. In Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the player faces many bosses, two of which being Satan as well as Mega Satan. While in Fallen Angel, you play as Lucifer himself and fight various heavenly bosses such as Abdiel and many others. In the Devil May Cry series, you play as Dante, a demon-slaying, people-taunting, cocky, badass. Dante, a demon himself, also utilizes a demon-form known as “Devil Trigger.” This allows Dante to become overwhelmed with hellish abilities, increased health and damage output, and just looks awesome. Devil Trigger is well..triggered when dealing damage as well as receiving damage from enemies. In Fallen Angel, Lucifer is also granted this ability, though Matrioshka calls this version “Demon-Fuelled” Lucifer rather than Devil Trigger. You can see the similarities between the two below:

Line art for "Demon Fuelled" Lucifer (Fallen Angel)
Line art for “Demon-Fuelled” Lucifer
Concept art for Devil Trigger Dante (Devil May Cry)
Concept art for Devil Trigger Dante (Credit: Reddit)

So the real question now…is the game fun? Short answer, yes. Fallen Angel is quite enjoyable for fans of pixel-art, boss-fight driven gameplay. There is a wide variety of weapons, equippables, and consumables to search for throughout the Heavens, with each item changing how the game plays. For instance, there are various items that improve your ability to deal damage to combatants with ranged weapons, but if you prefer to get up-close and personal with your opponent, there are also many items that can assist you in your endeavors. There’s also a co-op mode, so you can hop in with a friend and slay some angels together.

Will you be battling it out in the Heavens when Fallen Angel launches on Steam on October 22? Let us know in the comments down below!

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