Fallout 76: Nuclear Material Guide – How Do You Get Some?

In Fallout 76, Nuclear Material is an important crafting component for a number of useful items in-game. This includes weapon modifications and power armour modifications. Below is everything you need to know about how to get your hands on some. Header Image Credit: lame698

Nuclear Material in Fallout 76 is a pretty catch-all term. It is listed as a single item, but represents a number of radioactive substances found across the West Virginian Wasteland including Uranium, Radium, and Plutonium.

Primarily, you’ll need to have Nuclear Waste to be turned into Nuclear Material. This can be found in a number of ways.

Firstly, you can craft it at a Chemistry Station by combining Uranium Ore and Acid. In order to do this, you will need five of each.

Luckily, we have guides already prepared to help you figure out where to get your hands on both of these resources.

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Secondly, you can get Nuclear Material by scrapping a number of Specific Junk Items.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Material
Credit: Bethesda

Junk Items That Give Nuclear Material in Fallout 76

Below is a list of every Junk Item in-game that yields Nuclear Waste when scrapped.

Junk Items That Yield 1 Nuclear Waste

Biometric Scanner;

Blast Radius Board Game;

High-Powered Magnet;

Mini Nuke Beryllium Cap;

Mini Nuke Detonator Shell;

Mini Nuke Hemisphere Core;

Rad Poker Board Game;

Radioactive Gland;

Vault-Tec Alarm Clock;

Volatile Materials Box;

Wakemaster Alarm Clock;

Junk Items That Yield 2+ Nuclear Waste

Fusion Pulse Charge;

Ichor Sac;

Radscorpion Stinger;

Ignition Core;

Players will be able to scrap Junk Items at any of the following locations:

Armor Workshop, Chemistry Station, Power Armor Station, Tinker’s Workbench, and Weapons Workbench.

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