FIFA 21 Weekend League Delayed For 24 Hours

Due to start today, EA have announced that the FIFA 21 Weekend League has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the continual debate on the pay-to-win aspect of FIFA Ultimate Team, the Weekend League remains a popular instalment on the title and often something players work towards regularly. It costs 2000 FIFA Points to enter, but if you do well the rewards very-much outweigh the cost. Traditionally, the Weekend League runs across a weekend. However, this week… There’s a slight change to schedules.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the FIFA 21 Weekend League is being delayed for a whole 24 hours. This isn’t world-breaking as the duration of the League will be extended 24 hours to make up for this, but it might impact players performances if they have other commitments. In an effort to compensate the inconvenience, EA Sports are also offering a refund on everyone who redeemed 2000 FIFA Points towards their entry to this week’s Weekend League.

FIFA 21 Weekend League Delayed
Credit: EA Sports

It’s a nice gesture, which also means that the next Weekend League is theoretically free to enter if you entered this one? Here’s the full statement on the delay below, which was made via Twitter originally…

FIFA 21 Weekend League Delayed – Full Statement

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the upcoming FUT Champions Weekend League has been delayed by 24 hours. Check in-game for the revised schedule. Furthermore, this Weekend League will be extended for 24 hours in order to accommodate the delayed start time. All players that redeem their FUT Champions Points for entry into this Weekend League will have their 2000 FUT Champions Points returned to them ahead of the next Weekend League due to this scheduling change. Thank you for your patience.

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