Final Fantasy 7 Remake Announces PS5 Version with Extras

final fantasy 7 Remake Cloud

During PlayStation’s State of Play streaming on February, 25, Final Fantasy 7 Remake announced its PS5 version with extra content.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was the last game to make an appearance during the State Of Play live stream. Everyone was expecting some update about the second part but nothing about it was mentioned. Instead, players received the announcement of an enhanced and expanded PS5 version of the game.

final fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Fighting
Credit: Square Enix

The PS5 version already received a trailer and a video introducing players to its new features and showing many graphic comparisons with the PS4 version of the game.

Named Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, the PS5 version will also come with an extra episode with the Wutai Ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi. The episode is going to feature Yuffie as she arrives in Midgard.

Yuffie is a materia hunter and one of two optional characters from the original 1997 PS1 game along with Vincent Valentine. Players will be able to play as Yuffie and infiltrate the Shinra Corporation to steal a powerful materia.

Along with Yuffie story, the PS5 version will bring improvements and features to the game, like a Photo Mode, Performance and Graphics Optimization gaming modes and the Normal (Classic) difficulty playing mode.

With the Performance Optimization mode, the game will be able to run at a 60-fps framerate. Meanwhile, the Graphics Optimization mode will prioritize running the game in 4K resolution.

Furthermore, those who already own Final Fantasy 7 Remake in its PS4 version can upgrade the game for free to its PS5 version.

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