Finalists for LCS Spring 2021 MVP

As the 2021 LCS Mid Season Showdown comes to an end, the finalists for the Spring 2021 MVP award is about to be announced on April 9th.

It comes down to Blaber of Cloud9, Alphari from Team Liquid, and FBI from 100Thieves.

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Credit: ESPN

Cloud9’s Blaber is the holder of the MVP award from the spring split of 2020 and has a strong chance of defending his title.

Blaber made the 1st All-Pro team with his competition for this award Alphari and teammates Zven and Perkz.

Blaber was also the only player to win the “Player of the Week” award twice this season (so far). Doing so in the first and fourth week of the spring split.

Cloud9 also finished the split first place, demonstrating a dominating regular season.

(Image Credits: LolEsports Stats)

In comparison to all other junglers. C9 Blaber leads all junglers in every major stat category besides KDA, which is led by TL Santorin.

In addition to leading in all stats, Blaber also leads the LCS in “Player of the Game” awards with 7

Blaber and Cloud9 mid-laner Perkz have dominated all season through their mid-jungle 2v2 and have already qualified for the Mid-Season Showdown final, where they are competing for a spot to the Mid-Season Invitational.

LCS 2021 Spring MVP
(Image Credit: Inven Global)

Team Liquid’s Alphari has demonstrated his dominance in the top lane all season after being imported from Europe.

The Welshman won the “Player of the Week” award in the 6th week of the spring split.

Alphari also made the 1st All-Pro team, alongside teammate CoreJJ.

Although Team Liquid only finished the split in third place, which is an underperformance considering the expectations for this roster. Alphari was a major part of Team Liquid defeat first placed Cloud9 twice during the season. Being the only team in the league to do so against Cloud9 during the regular season.

Alphari also leads all top laners in the following stats: K (63), KDA (6.1), GD10 (493), XPD10 (174), CSD10 (12.5), and CSPM (8.5).

One key stat to look out for deal with GD10 being at 493, as the next highest is CLG Finn with GD10 being scored at 35.

In terms of demonstrating how he is an upgrade over former Team Liquid top laner Impact, Alphari has done so through his playstyle of being able to play carry champions. This allows Team Liquid to play through the topside of the map and relieves pressure from Jensen, and Tactical who has underperformed all season.

LCS 2021 Spring MVP
(Image Credit: 100Thieves)

Going into the 2021 spring split, the expectations for 100T were extremely high. However, these expectations were not met, as the team struggled to replicate their performance at the LCS Lock-in tournament that happened before the start of the regular season.

Though 100T had struggles with their identity as a team, and players underperformed. FBI demonstrated that he was a threat in the bottom lane all season, with his consistency in high play.

FBI leads all ADCs in: KP (77.3%), KS (38.7%), and XPD10 (164)

Controversially, FBI was left out of the 1st All-Pro team, with Cloud9 Zven replacing him. However, FBI made the 2nd All-Pro team

(Image Credit: Dexerto)

Alphari’s Team Liquid and TSM will be playing on April 10th for a spot in the finals. The winner of this game will face Blaber’s Cloud9 in the finals.

The finals are set to happen on April 11th, with the winner being invited to attend the Mid-Season Invitational set to happen in Iceland.

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