First Strike Circuit Expands to the MENA Region

Riot Games has announced today the addition of a new region for their First Strike tournament series. Teams from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will have an opportunity to make it to the big stage, joining other more traditional regions such as North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Oceania.

By bringing the circuit to the MENA region, Riot Games is aiming to bring new talent into the spotlight

The event will take place between November 1st and 25th, spreading itself over three tournaments with a $10.000 prize pool on three separate Arab sub-regions: Gulf Cooperation Council, North Africa and Levant with Egypt.

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The Gulf Cooperation Council will include countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will represent the North Africa sub-region, with Levant with Egypt also featuring teams from Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

The top three of each of these three sub-regions will qualify for a final First Strike MENA event, running from December 3rd to 6th, to face off on a double-elimination bracket, a particularity shared by no other region, with the standard being a more traditional single elimination format.

Riot Games has big plans to develop VALORANT into one of the biggest competitive games in the world and this first edition of the tournament will serve as the launchpad for the esports scene in 2021

Luciano Rahal, PR & Communications Manager at Riot Games MENA

Registration is already open and will conclude on October 31st at 12PM UAE time. This could be a big step to the inclusion of a vastly unexplored region to the VALORANT esports scene, that has long been forsaken but could bring a lot of new talent and funding to a developing industry.

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