Floppy and Xeppa Join Cloud9 VALORANT

Ricky “Floppy” Kemery and Erick ‘Xeppa’ Bach will wear a Cloud9 jersey once again, but this time, both players will be its VALORANT division, following last month’s disbandment of the C9 CS:GO team.

Floppy has been linked to the organisation since last year, as a part of Cloud9’s first revamp to their CS:GO roster in which they signed the entire ATK line-up. The North-American player was also the only player to remain with the organisation when their focus shifted towards the now defunct “Colossus” project lead by Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer.

Xeppa joined towards the later stages of the project, just two months before Cloud9 decided to dissolve the “Colossus” and place the entire team on the transfer list while they re-evaluated their presence in Valve’s competitive shooter.

With the project dissolved, Floppy and Xeppa returned to the United States. In a region where most of the organisations have moved their focus towards VALORANT, there was little to no room for internationally proven CS:GO talent. Even though Xeppa remained silent on social media, Floppy frequently teased the idea of transitioning to VALORANT.

Just three days ago, Cloud9 Blue – the formal designation of C9’s male VALORANT roster – parted ways with Skyler “Relyks” Weave following their early exit at the first VCT: Challengers event of Stage 2. Today, the organisation announced Floppy as a replacement.

However, C9 wasn’t done for today, immediately revealing that it would also add in Xeppa to the squad, not revealing the roles of these additions but strongly hinting towards a six-man roster, a strategy that has been recently been adopted by other top teams in the North American scene.

C9 B hope to bounce back from a period full of roster instability and to solidify their place in the top of North American VALORANT. This brand new line-up will have its debut in two days, up against T1 at the Quarter-Finals of VCT: Challengers 2, fighting to grab one of the two spots at the regional Challengers Finals.

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