Floppy joins Cloud9’s Colossus on 3-Year Deal Worth Over $400k

C9’s CS:GO expansion continues! Floppy joins Cloud9’s Colossus on a 3-Year deal worth $432,000! Header image via C9 CS:GO’s YouTube.

Ricky “Floppy” Kemery has joined Cloud9 as the fourth player for their Colossus European outfit. HenryG, General Manager of Cloud9 CS:GO, has confirmed the details of the deal in a fairly transparent tweet. This marks the sixth entry in the new Cloud9 CS:Go chapter that started with HenryG’s appointment at General Manager and Aleksandar Trifunovic’s appointment as Coach.

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Floppy’s contract length will run on for a minimum of three years, starting in a couple days. The deal is valued by HenryG at $432,000, too. His role in the Cloud9 Colossus set-up will be “Rifler/ Anchor/ Loveable Troll.

Floppy joins Cloud9’s Colossus For How Much?!

HenryG has come under some fire throughout his Cloud9 Colossus announcements due to the pay disparity between players. Floppy’s deal was worth just over $400,000, for example, while Woxic’s deal is worth $1,365,000 for the same length of time!

HenryG has said that all deals have been made on an individual basis and are improvements on players’ previous deals.

Floppy joins Cloud9's Colossus
Credit: Dreamhack

Floppy joins Woxic, KingMezii, and ALEX for their Colossus line-up. ALEX is the team captain, but that still leaves another spot left in the Colossus… Who’s next?

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