Fly Punch Boom! – Nintendo Switch Review!

Fly Punch Boom! is everything you’ve seen in your favourite anime fights. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z or any shounen anime in general, this is the game for you! Fly Punch Boom! is definitely not your typical fighting game. Rather than fighting on solid ground, you’re instead doing battle in the air! (Dragon Ball Z style) You and your opponent must fight till the death with ridiculously powerful punches, kicks and special abilities! Developed and published by Jollypunch Games, Fly Punch Boom offers up ten unique-looking characters called ‘Punchies’ along with six different stages and multiple game modes, all of which can be played with up to four players both local & online.

Fly Punch Boom begins with a basic but effective tutorial for you to learn the game’s controls and mechanics. The core gameplay of Fly Punch Boom is very simple & straightforward. You essentially play rock-paper-scissors to engage fights, translated in-game as Hit-Counter-Grab. Hit beats throw, Throw beats counter and Counter beats hit. If both ‘Punchies’ choose the same form of attack then a stalemate will occur, in which players will either need to mash a button or play a quick time event to see who comes out on top in the engagement. Fly Punch BoomYour main objective while fighting is to try and throw your opponent off the stage (similar to Super Smash Bros) or to trigger in-stage fatalities such as crushing your enemy with falling buildings.

In addition, you can super dash for a speed boost, you can teleport to dodge incoming attacks and the environment you fight in is fully destructible! Moreover, each character has a special hidden ability that will activate during fights such as additional movement speed or stronger attacks.

Gameplay-wise, Fly Punch Boom delivers exactly want you’d expect. Unfortunately, when it comes to presentation, the graphics and UI are very basic; they don’t exactly make a good impression. Thankfully, the core gameplay (and music) more than makes up for this.

Fly Punch Boom! is a rollercoaster of a game! Simple, yes, but insanely fun! The game is chaotic madness in the very best way! While the combat looks simple on the surface, it’s actually fairly deep with a good learning curve for you to master. You could theoretically button mash your way to victory, but when playing online, good players will outmanoeuvre you. Learning to switch up your strikes and counter-attack is crucial if you want to sustain victories. I must also mention that the soundtrack is truly fantastic! Fast-paced exhilarating songs make combat a joy to experience! In addition, the A.I is no pushover; it will certainly give you a run for your money!

However, while fun in small bursts, Fly Punch Boom isn’t something I can see myself playing over and over again. Having said that, the game would make a perfect party game if you have some friends over! The main flaw of the game is the lack of player base; it just takes too long to find an online game. If the player base was to pick up, I could see this game having a bright future.

In Conclusion: 

Fly Punch Boom is the perfect party game to play when friends are over! Fast-paced frenzied battles amplified by the excellent soundtrack leave you with thrilling encounters, although the long wait times to find an online match does mar the experience. 

Fly Punch Boom is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch for £12.99

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