Fnatic Defeat Liquid to Win EU Challengers 2

Fnatic triumphed 3-1 over Team Liquid at the VCT Stage 2: EU Challengers 2, taking home the bigger slice of the €30,000 prize pool. Both teams have secured the last two EU spots at the VCT: Stage 2 EMEA Challengers Finals, where they will fight for the opportunity to reach the VCT: Masters 2 LAN at Reykjavik.

In their path, they will not only have FunPlus Phoenix and Guild, which qualified through the first Challengers event, but also three teams from Turkey (Futbolist, Oxygen and BBL) and one from the CIS region (Gambit).

The series kicked off on Icebox, with Liquid edging on to an early two round lead by the end of the first half. After the second pistol round went the way of Fnatic, the team was on a roll, securing the map 13-10, despite some impactful multi-kills from Travis “L1NK” Mendoza.

Liquid found heavy resistance from the black and orange on their own map pick of Ascent, with the side of Martin “MAGNUM” Peňkov securing a two round lead by the end of first half.

Fnatic was just about to start running away with the map on second time when ScreaM threw a wrench into the works with a quad-kill. With Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen coming online, TL equalized the series on a 13-10 scoreline.

Coming in as one of the most menacing teams in their region on Bind, Fnatic was quick to jump in the driving seat, grabbing eight rounds on the first half. The Black and Orange would dominate on defence, closing it out 13-4.

One map away from the winning the tournament, Fnatic brought in a triple duelist comp to Split. The gamble worked out wonderfully, conquering a four round gap on the back of their defensive side alone.

Having lost the second pistol round, the odds of a comeback became unsurmountable for Team Liquid, with Fnatic closing out the series 3-1 on an impressive 13-4 score.

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