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Fnatic Signs Upset On a Three-Year Deal

News just in! Fnatic signs Elias “Upset” Lipp on a three-year contract to be their next AD Carry from 2021 onwards, pending Riot approval. Less than a few days after their legendary captain departed, Fnatic has now found his replacement.

“Very grateful to have been given the opportunity by Fnatic to prove myself in a team with so many great players and especially Hylissang who I always dreamt of playing with,” said Fnatic’s newest singing in a tweet made following the announcement.

The German player had previously played for the team formerly known as Origen last year. The team ended up finishing in tenth of the league table for the LEC summer split in spite of their third-place earlier in the spring split. Though his contract with the organization ran up until the end of next year, Astralis, the team who replaced Origen after merging together, decided to let him go prematurely and allowed for his contract to get bought out, leading to his availability in free agency.

Upset had been the one of the chief subjects of conversation regarding who was going to fill the vacant ADC spot for Fnatic’s lineup. The team consulted with support player Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov for input over who he would be best compatible with, they ultimately settled on Upset as he was tabbed for the position.

Upset leaves Astralis after stringing together a strong individual performance in summer by going second among ADC’s in average KDA (5.9), sixth in kills per game (3.4), and first in least deaths allowed per game (1.2). Not only that, he had been the league’s top minion farmer and damage inflictor with his 9.7 average CS (first among ADC’s), 9 CS differential at 15 minutes (first), 585 damage per minute (first), and 32.2% damage share (third).

Fnatic Signs Upset

Alas that did not come to be as his sights for a new home took a different trajectory in the days following. In lieu of G2 signing Rekkles and releasing Perkz to Cloud 9, Upset looked to be in prime position of playing for one of the top two teams in the LEC. In his entire career which began in 2016, Upset had finished in second only once within the EU LCS/LEC (2018 EU LCS summer and regional finals). He finished third on four occasions (2018 EU LCS summer regular season, 2019 LEC summer playoffs, 2019 regional finals, and 2020 LEC spring regular season).

In a conversation with Upset caught during one of jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek’s streams, both had talked about the chance of being teammates together for next year. Upset then followed that up by asking Selfmade if he was staying with the team next year, thus alluding to the former getting signed by Fnatic.

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By joining Fnatic, Upset aligns himself with top laner Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau, Hylissang, and Selfmade. They were recently eliminated from the World Championship in the quarterfinals after getting reverse swept by China’s Top Esports in five games. He meets up with another new prospective signing in mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer.

“I know you were surprised or sad that Rekkles left. I really hope you guys put your trust in me–I trust myself that I’ll be able to perform,” Upset said regarding his arrival. “Maybe you’ll start smiling again when you see me and Hyli play together.”

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