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FNC Takes Down TSM in the Closing Game of Day 1 of Worlds Group Stage

Overall good performance by the European team, as they beat TSM in their first game of the Group Stage. While both teams were more or less equal throughout the early game, Fnatic took crucial objectives & team fights to open up a lead. The game did look close for some time, but TSM never looked convincing enough.

TSM vs FNC – Draft – a Big Mistake?

In champ select, bans were pretty standard: TSM targeted mostly Bwipo’s champion pool, while FNC banned champions that would give their own team composition a hard time. The most surprising thing coming out of the draft was TSM’s decision to leave Evelynn & Lucian open. These two champions are the ones FNC has had the most success with, and seeing TSM handing it over to FNC was definitely fishy. Probably NA’s 1st seed knew of that & set up a trap… but it looked like it did not work out…

TSM vs FNC – Game – Questionable moments…

The game started off with another late invade, just like in JDG vs DWG, as FNC took first blood onto Alistar. The Minotaur falls victim once again a few minutes later, as he oversteps when clearing a ward. A very good start for Fnatic as Bwipo also wins a 1v2 in top lane, killing BrokenBlade’s Camille.

Nonetheless, TSM did fight back. They got revenge onto Bwipo with a well-executed dive & overall the team was tailing FNC for the first 20 minutes. However, everything crumbled apart all of a sudden…
EU’s seed picked up their 2nd drake of the game & they proceeded to back off. Seeing that BrokenBlade went to clear the botlane wave, FNC went straight for Baron Nashor & took it unscathed. A huge mistake from TSM’s side which ultimately cost them the game. With that lead, TSM became a little too desperate: FNC had so much damage coming from Evelynn, Lucian & Jhin that they could burst anyone. In a little less than 35 minutes, Fnatic destroyed the enemies’ nexus, taking their first victory in convincing fashion.
They will now face LGD tomorrow, with TSM facing the Korean team Gen.G. Will FNC win against the LPL team? Or will the curse of Europe lose to Chinese teams continue? Make sure to tune into the official broadcast tomorrow starting at 10 AM ( CEST ).

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