Fort Triumph Review – When Fantasy Meets XCOM!

Fort Triumph is a fantasy-themed turn-based tactics game similar to the X-COM series. Explore procedurally generated worlds, build towns and upgrade your heroes! Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Fort Triumph has been in Early Access since 2018. Developers CookieByte Entertainment have added a unique twist to the X-COM formula in the form of tactical environmental interactions! For instance, most of the terrain is able to be interacted with. Try kicking rocks into enemies or kicking enemies into rocks. Trees can be toppled and set on fire. The variety is fantastic! 

Interactive Environments Adds Depth To Combat!  

For example, you can set one of your ranged units into “overwatch” mode, then have one of your melee heroes toss an enemy into the air for a wicked wombo combo. The diversity of combinations keep combat fresh and fun, adding an extra layer of depth to battles as positioning and combos become crucial to achieving victory. However, the enemies can also use the environment in their favour, so don’t think just because you’re behind cover that you are safe.

Be warned: this game is quite difficult. Enemy A.I is intelligent and has strong positioning, using the environmental damage to full effect during battles. However, if you’re not a fan of challenge, don’t worry; there is an easy mode, and you can turn off the permadeath option. I should also mention that the game is Singleplayer/Local Co-Op only at the moment. An online multiplayer mode will hopefully be added eventually.

Fort Triumph includes four hero classes: Paladin, Barbarian, Mage, and Ranger, each with 12 upgradable abilities, and four races to choose from: Troll, Goblin, Human, Undead, all of which have their own castles and upgradable buildings. Each of your heroes has a different set of abilities and a unique playstyle. Finding the right combination is crucial to victory. As you level up, you get new abilities and can upgrade them with the skill points you’ve earned. With four different factions, four difficulty modes and multiple environments. Fort Triumph delivers great replayability and value for money.

Procedurally Generated Content!

In addition, Fort Triumph features flexible world maps with changing locations and events. This means that every playthrough and mission is special to you. All strategic battles are fully procedurally generated, meaning that if you fail in a mission and restart, the battlefield will be completely different! The overworld is full of random/optional encounters where you can obtain bonus XP, items and money to upgrade your towns and castles. Fort Triumph contains three story arcs, adding up to around 10-20 hours of content!

Witty Writing and Solid Performance Seal The Deal!

Whilst I didn’t find the campaign storyline partially engaging, the quick-witted, funny dialogue keeps cutscenes entertaining even if the overarching story isn’t that interesting. The writing was humorous and did get a few good laughs out of me. But this is definitely a game where the gameplay is the standout. In terms of performance, the game ran at a very stable frame rate at 1080p on maximum settings.

Most people should have no problem running the game smoothly. Plus, coming in at only 3GB, Fort Triumph won’t be taking much space on your hard-drive. Fort Triumph is currently available on the Steam Store. Later this year, console editions will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Are There Any Downsides? Yes. 

Firstly, I find that voice acting is sorely missing in the cutscenes, although its absence isn’t surprising given the small development team. It would, however, make a nice addition if the developers could raise enough funds. Secondly, the graphics aren’t spectacular, particularly in the overworld. However, when in battle, they get the job done with a basic but cartoonish style that does appeal to the eyes. One slight annoyance I found is that you can’t equip items when in battle, only in the overworld.

Fort TriumphAlso, health potions are in the game but are rare in the early stages, making the first few missions a pain on the higher difficulty settings. I initially struggled in the early game mainly due to the lack of heal ability and the fact that most enemies are snipers with insane attack range whilst your ranged units have far shorter range, meaning you’re often sending your units headfirst into battle, tanking arrows. Nonetheless, none of these issues are deal-breakers, and the positives far outway the negatives.

Fort Triumph Conclusion: 

In conclusion, Fort Triumph delivers challenging gameplay, witty dialogue and a unique twist on the genre to deliver a highly enjoyable experience! 

Fort Triumph is currently available on the Steam Store, if you are interested in purchasing the game you can do so HERE

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