Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 5 Weapons Leaked

With the Galactus Event right around the corner, the Chapter 2 Season 5 weapons have been leaked! Here’s everything you need to know about the newer weapons coming to Fortnite in the coming week.

The time is nigh. The Devourer of Worlds is mere moments away…

Galactus has been proving himself to be a troublesome villain in the Marvel Universe for quite some time. Now, he’s bringing his villainy to Fortnite and a new limited-time event along with it.

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The Galactus Event is due to start December 1st, with a period of down-time before Chapter 2 Season 5 begins. It’s set to be a lot bigger than the Black Hole event too. This event is reportedly 4GB in size, compared to the 480MB that the Black Hole Event took up.

That means, there’s a lot to unpack. One thing that players will want to know about is the new weapons coming to Chapter 2 Season 5.

All The Leaked Chapter 2 Season 5 Weapons

First up, we have Launch Pads.

You might remember them from before… And they’re more of a Trap than a weapon, but their return is exciting nonetheless. Launch Pads are extremely useful in quickly navigating end-game towers and gaining a vertical advantage on your opponents.

Fortnite Dataminer Mang0e_ uncovered the Launch Pad files in the recent 14.6 Patch Update. Although this has been in the Creative Mode game files for a while, but it’s return to the Battle Royale files is telling.

Then, we have the Chapter 2 Season 5 New Weapons. Below, you’ll be able to see an image with a bunch of new weapons coming to Fortnite next season.

Chapter 2 Season 5 Weapons
Credit: iFireMonkey

As always, the stats are open to change and there is no word on when these will be added to the Battle Royale exactly. However, it’s welcome news to see that there are new weapons in the pipeline.

The Dragon Breath Sniper could potentially be a Sniper Rifle with incendiary ammunition modifications. Meanwhile the Storm Scout could be a Sniper Rifle with improved visuals and/ or lightening-based ammunition modifications.

Both Tracking and Thermal could relate to either Tracking Rounds and/ or Thermal Sighted weaponry. The Brrrrst sounds like it could be an Assault Rifle with cold-damage modifications.

While these are largely speculative, it won’t be long before fans get a hands-on with any new weapons coming through Chapter 2 Season 5.

One weapon in particular that is yet to make it’s appearance is the Slurp Bazooka. This could theoretically be the Slurp in the image above.

Leaked a few patches ago, the Slurp Bazooka might finally be making it’s way to Fortnite through Chapter 2 Season 5 weapons additions. It appears as if it will work in a similar way to the Bandage Bazooka, but with shields.

Lastly, we also have a Fire Extinguisher.

Notorious leaker HYPEX recently brought this to attention, although is sceptical as to whether this will be coming to both the Battle Royale and Creative. Either way, it raises an interesting set of questions regarding it’s usefulness and how it will affect aspects of the gameplay.

Some are suggesting that it could be used to counter Firefly burn damage, alongside any other fire-based weaponry. Or, it could also work in a similar way to how a Smoke Bomb obstructed vision in Fortnite previously.

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