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Fortnite FNCS Duo Tournament Begins March 20th 2020

After being radio silent since the Fortnite Winter Royale, Epic have finally announced the new Fortnite FNCS Duo Tournament which is set to begin on March 20th.

The format for the Fortnite FNCS for Season 2 will be the same as previous FNCS events, such as the Trio and Squad tournaments that were held last year. Each week, there will be a qualifying tournament with the top performing duos going on to compete in the Grand Final that will take place on April 19th.

Mongraal & Benjy Fishy

There is one notable difference in the prize pools for this FNCS tournament. It appears it will follow on from Winter Royale with PC & console/mobile having their own separate prize pools. This also means that PC players will only play against PC players, while PS4, Xbox One, Switch & mobile will be grouped together. It also appears this will be the case right through the tournament, including the Grand Finals, meaning we will have 2 duo winners for each region.

In a recent blog post, Epic laid out all the details for the Fortnite FNCS Duo Tournament;

Credit: Epic Games

It’s going to be interesting to see what duos are formed, whether we will get expected duos such as Benjy Fishy & Mongraal or whether we will see new duos being formed.

You can find the full details of the scoring system, prize pool and everything else by clicking here.

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