Fortnite: How to Enable 2FA – And Why You Should

Fortnite implemented the ability to enable two-factor authentication a while ago, even giving players rewards for doing so. Below we’ll go into detail on everything you need to do to enable Fortnite 2FA, why you should enable it and the rewards you get for doing so.

Plenty of websites, apps and other services offer two-factor authentication to help keep your personal information safe. Fortnite however is rewarding players for enabling this extra security and not just in Battle Royale but also in Save the World.

If you’re unaware, Save the World is what you could call the campaign of Fortnite, although the storyline isn’t exactly the same it does have the same basis. It’s an expanded version of the monster minion type of events Battle Royale has had in the past, usually around Halloween.

How to Enable 2FA

In order to enable this extra security feature, you must log into your Epic Games account on a web browser and head on over to settings. Then you must click on the tab named “Password & Security”. Once in that specific settings tab you must head to the bottom of the page under Two-Factor Authentication and then you must select your method of 2FA: Authenticator App or Enable Email Authentication.

Your options to select for two-factor authentication are:

  • Email – This method will have a code sent to you email whenever it is needed
  • Authentication App – much easier, and faster code retrieval straight to your mobile device

There are a few apps you can download on your mobile device to make 2FA easier but the best choice is to select the app that you trust the most. Being comfortable with your authentication app is important.

The recommended options from Epic Games are as follows:

  • Google Authenticator
  • LastPass Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Authy

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Personally, I use Microsoft Authenticator as I’m an Xbox user so it is easiest for me. Overall though, I would suggest that or Google as you more than likely already have an account with one or the other if you play Fortnite or own a smart phone.

All of the aforementioned apps are available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Rewards For Enabling 2FA

In Battle Royale, the reward you’re given for enabling two-factor authentication the Boogiedown Emote. Enabling this feature is the only way to unlock this emote, shown below.

Fortnite 2FA Boogiedown Emote

In Save the World, you are given several rewards to help you in your adventures. The items you are given are:

  • 50 Armory Slots
  • 10 Backback Slots
  • 1 Legendary Troll Stash Llama
Fortnite 2FA Legendary Stash Llama

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Regardless of what game mode of Fortnite you play, or if you’re just enabling two-factor authentication for your Epic Games account for a different game or reason, it’s a smart move.

So hopefully this helped give you a reason, or at the very least understand how to enable 2FA for Fortnite.

All of this information, as well as direct links to your account settings to enable 2FA and more is available on here.

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