Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges Guide

The day before Fortnite week 7 challenges went live, Fortnite had surprised us by finally revealing the secret skin of Season 5: Predator! Revealing these challenges also revealed the name as well: Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges. Below, we’ll go into detail on everything we know so far and what’s coming.

It’s been rumored that Predator may have been the secret skin with the inclusion of Stealthy Stronghold with small references, before this update went with these new challenges. But now it has been confirmed that not only is Predator the secret skin, but we’re also getting at least 3 items related to the skin with Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges.

Usually secret skins included with the battle pass are revealed pretty early, if not immediately, along with a new challenge weekly that would eventually unlock you the skin. After that, you’d earn additional items or variants of said skin.

Who is Predator Exactly?

If you’re unfamiliar with Predator, here’s a quick refresher on the interstellar hunter.

Predator is the antagonist of the Predator movies and several spinoff media such as Alien VS Predator and others.

Predator is a very technologically advanced alien creature fully equipped with superior hunter equipment. They are equipped with such technology and abilities as heat vision, agile climbing skills and cloaking to name a few.

While we won’t see any of these abilities in Fortnite as actual abilities or skills, we may get a camouflage built-in emote or something of the sort. Not entirely sure how Epic Games will pull that off, but we’ll have to see what they give us.

Personally, I’m excited to earn this interesting collaborative skin.

Overall, Predator are part of a tribe of hunters from space that take great pride and nobility in their practice making them the perfect hunter to add as the secret skin to a season dedicated to bounty hunters.

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Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges.. So Far

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

Three quests have been given to players to complete regarding the secret skin, so far. The quests are as follows:

  • Collect Med Kits – 3 Med Kits
  • Find mysterious pod – 1 visit
  • Talk with Dummy, Beef Boss and Remedy – 3 interactions

While it is not known at this time if completing a certain amount of challenges is necessary to unlock the skin or a single challenge will need to be completed. However, we will only have to wait a few days as that is when the rest of the Jungle Hunter Quests will be revealed.

These challenges released so far can be completed in any order and can be completed in one game, if circumstances are in your favor.

Every NPC you talk to about Predator for this part of the Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges has something very specific and interesting to say about the secret skin.

Collect Med Kits

Although this challenge is simple and normally needs no explanation, I thought I’d share that I found dropping a single Med Kit and picking it up 2 more times will complete this challenge for you. So in short this means you only need one Med Kit for this challenge.

However, as I stated above, all of these challenges could be completed in one game.

Since these challenges can be completed mostly in one area, I recommend trying to complete this part of the challenge at Stealthy Stronghold as that is where our next part of the challenge resides.

Fortnite Jungle Hunter: Visit Mysterious Pod

The mysterious pod is the first direct reference to Predator on the island and finding this chamber like device is just one of several steps to unlock the elusive skin.

Fortnite Predator Pod
Credit: Epic Games

Following the instructions above, you should have landed at Stealthy Stronghold. While it isn’t necessary to land here, if you’re already here looking for a Med Kit than you may stumble across the mysterious pod as well. Doing so will get you some progress in these challenges quite fast.

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges: Talk With Dummy, Beef Boss and Remedy

This quest may seem strange to anyone that hasn’t been playing Fortnite just this season, but it’s become quite normal to have characters to talk to on the island.

This season added NPCs, characters that jump between specific locations but when found can be interacted with to grab quests, bounties, weapons and other items such as consumables.

This quest tasks you with talking to 3 specific NPCs: Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy.

As you’ve been traveling across the map and encountering these NPCs throughout your games, their locations get added to a hub of your map. This hub will tell you how many locations this character has and where you have met them before.

So assuming you’ve met these characters before, you can find their locations in your map hub.

Regardless of if you’ve encountered these characters or not, I’m going to show you where you can find them, no matter what location they are at.

Once you find these characters, simply talk with them and progress toward the challenge will be unlocked.


Dummy takes the form of a crash test dummy, used in car manufacturer warehouses to test safety features of vehicles, thus explaining the characters caution yellow color.

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

Dummy can be found at one of two locations:

  • Compact Cars
  • Near a rock formation between Stealthy Stronghold and Pleasant Park

Outside of talking to Dummy just to complete this challenge, you can also acquire quests, bounce pads and an exotic shotgun called The Dub.

Beef Boss

Beef Boss is one of the first characters for Fortnite to give some sort of profile or background to, giving light to this character in at least one way.

Beef Boss is one of a few food mascots you can find on almost every rendition of The Island. Beef Boss, specifically is the mascot for Durr Burger.

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

This character can be found at two possible locations:

  • Durr Burger Food Truck
  • Durr Burger Restaurant

Durr Burger Food Truck is located southeast of Stealthy Stronghold, slightly above the rock formation Dummy can possibly be found at.

Durr Burger Restaurant is located south of Holly Hedges, attached to the Logjam Woodworks.

Interacting with Beef Boss you can pick up quests, bounties and upgrade your weapons.


Remedy is a skin that was introduced with the start of Chapter 2 with Season 1.

Remedy has been heavily medic themed so it’s only fitting that when you interact with her she offers you healing supplies such as Med Kits and health related quests as well as bounties. She is also one of a few NPCs on the island that you can hire to fight along side you.

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

Remedy can be found at two possible locations:

  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Hilltop House

At Craggy Cliffs, you can find Remedy at the long shack with garage doors on the front, at the very entrance of Craggy Cliffs from the road.

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If you’re like me, you remember visiting Hilltop House a thousand times but can remember where it is because it’s not a Named Location. However Hilltop House is located northeast of Pleasant Park.

Both of these buildings that she could possibly be in have medical supplies such as IV stands and Chug Barrels.

Earlier I stated that you could complete all of these challenges in our game if the conditions were right. Well, if you land at Stealthy Stronghold to starting collecting Med Kits and visit the mysterious pod and then work your way south, hitting all necessary NPCs that is.

At most you should have no problem completing these in 2 games.

So these are all the challenges we have so far but maybe next week we’ll be able to get the Predator skin, if not some cool other cosmetics until we do.

Hopefully this guide helped you get through these Fortnite Jungle Hunter Challenges released so far as easy as possible!

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