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Fortnite Kratos Skin Available Now for all Players!

Epic Games has teamed up with PlayStation to bring players a brand new collab…a Fortnite Kratos skin available now in the item shop!

In the trailer above, you can see that Kratos comes soaring from above to save Mancake, another new skin introduced in the brand new Zero Point season of Fortnite.

Kratos Fortnite skin
Credit: Gamezo

The Kratos Bundle is available for 2,200 Vbucks and includes not only the Fortnite Kratos skin itself, but also the Mimir back bling, Leviathan harvesting tool, Guardian Shield Glider, and Freezing Burst emote! I gotta say I think everything looks pretty nice.

You can also buy the Kratos skin by itself for 1500 Vbucks, but honestly if you’re buying the skin you might as well just buy everything else too, it’ll save you a lot of money (also use Code ‘Doodles’ in the item shop to support our very own David).

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The brand new Fortnite Kratos skin is the first of many to join The Mandalorian and The Child and it looks like Kratos might not be the only one that is set to appear sometime this season…

Leaked Master Chief Fortnite skin
Credit: Twitter

According to multiple leaked screenshots, it looks like Halo’s very own Master Chief will be making his way into the Fortnite realm alongside Kratos. Honestly, with this many IPs bringing characters into Fortnite, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Fortnite is becoming the new Super Smash Bros.

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Who knows, maybe we’ll see Dante from Devil May Cry in Fortnite before Smash? Probably just wishful thinking though.

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