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Could A Fortnite Movie Be Coming In 2020?

Since I first started playing Fortnite way back in 2018, I’ve always thought that Fortnite would end up being so much more than a Battle Royale/PVE Zombie Horde game. The game is such a marketable brand with a rich variety of characters and stories. Did you know that Drift and Bomber are actually in a relationship?

And Epic told an amazing story through in-game events that saw The Visitor come from another dimension and build a rocket to travel back to his dimension, and in the process caused lots of crazy stuff to happen such as a huge battle between a mech and a monster, ultimately leading to The Scientist building another rocket, causing the island to be sucked into a black hole, leading to the events of Chapter 2. Pretty crazy, right?

Fortnite has been telling stories that rival single-player story-driven games entirely through season trailers, loading screens, and in-game events. In my opinion, Fortnite can go beyond being a simple Battle Royale game and likely will in the next year or so.

Recently, Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, was asked on Twitter whether he sees Fortnite as a game or platform. Tim replied that right now it is just game but to ask the same question in 12 months. While he doesn’t directly give any hints, it indicates that Fortnite could become something much more than a simple video game.

Fortnite pro, SypherPK, discussed this in a recent video where he believes Epic can make Fortnite into whatever game they want it to be. After all, they did put the Battle Royale version together very quickly after Save The World didn’t sell as expected. He believes that if the Battle Royale aspect started losing players and traction, they could make Fortnite into an MMO, Survival game, MOBA, etc very easily.

But I don’t think Tim meant that, as he said he views Fortnite as a game right now but that in 12 months, that might not be the case. I think that Epic is considering making Fortnite into either a movie or TV show, which would make perfect sense. The video game world isn’t short of movie adaptations, although most of them are quite rubbish. But with collaborations with brands such as Star Wars, Wreck-It Ralph, & The Avengers, it seems Epic isn’t short of contacts in the film and animation industry. It would make perfect sense for a company such as Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks to create an animated movie of Fortnite similar to what Angry Birds did recently. It could also be turned into an animated TV series. Mortal Kombat: Defenders Of The Realm was quite good, to be fair.

Fortnite already has a line of toys and merchandise, and a movie or TV adaptation is the next logical step. I believe this is what Tim Sweeney is alluding to, but as of right now, we have no confirmation of this, so it is purely speculation. We will be keeping our eyes peeled though and are excited for this to become reality soon.

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