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Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch Sees Performance Boost

Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch got a big performance boost this week, with changes that brought the resolution of the game from standard to high definition.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most innovative and popular consoles in the world. Its ability to seamlessly go from a powerful handheld device to a docked system brings convenience to new heights.

The downside to the way the console is designed is that it also makes the Switch notorious for being unable to handle big games such as Apex Legends, Skyrim, and Fortnite. Luckily, Epic Games has been working to optimize Fortnite for the Switch, and started by releasing a performance boost for the game.

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There are a lot of moving parts to this update, but overall, it should bring a better experience to Switch players. The performance boost was implemented to make better use of the hybrid-handheld’s GPU, which will result in improved resolution while maintaining the same fluidity of gameplay.

The resolution of the handheld and docked versions of the game have both been considerably increased. When the Switch was docked, the resolution was previously sitting around 560p, and although the update doesn’t quite get it above that 720p hump that is the standard for HD nowadays, it definitely helps.

The biggest impact was made to the handheld version that previously had a resolution of just above 720p. It saw a pixel increase of over 38% which was able to bring it from 720p to just shy of 1080p, a remarkable increase in performance.

Although the Switch is limited technologically due to its lightweight design, hopefully, other studios will follow Epic Games in trying to find creative workarounds to increase performance and make big games more optimal for Nintendo players.

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