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Fortnite Performance Mode Gives Better Options to Low-End PCs


Starting today, Epic Games will be adding a Performance Mode on Fortnite for low-end PCs, which will allow for better playing options through sacrificing high resolution to improve FPS.

Now that Fortnite will be playable in a Performance Mode, this opens many doors for gamers who might be lacking in computer strength, from graphics capabilities to RAM and more.

I am personally one of those people, with a lower-end laptop that is around four years old now. This mode will help a wide variety of issues that players have, and will possibly bring in new players as it will open the game up to a larger range of PCs.

Less Hard Drive Space Required

Fortnite Installation Options
Credit: Epic Games

The new performance mode will allow for those who are running out of hard drive space to save that extra 14.48 GB required from the high-resolution textures. This can be done by first going to the Epic Games Launcher, going to your library, and clicking on options through the three dots next to your copy of Fortnite. You will then be taken to the above image where you can opt-out of high-resolution textures to save space.

This is perfect for those smaller laptops with less than a terabyte of space, as this can quickly be taken up by giant games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This allows you to have fun while playing Fortnite, but still allowing you to be able to download at least a few other games.

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Allows Older PCs To Run The Game At An Improved FPS

Fornite performance mode settings
Credit: Epic Games

As mentioned previously, Performance Mode will be perfect for PCs that have lower CPU, GPU, and memory. Epic Games still recommends that you meet the minimum requirements, with preferably an “SSD and 6 GB of RAM or higher” in order to prevent any stuttering or other significant issues while playing.

Epic Games mentions a few examples of hardware that can see FPS improvements, including a CPU with Intel i5-8265U @ 1.60 Hz, with 8 GB of RAM, and a GPU of Intel UHD Graphics 620 will see a jump from 24 FPS to 61 FPS.

Allows For Portability Options

Fortnite gameplay in Performance Mode
Credit: Epic Games

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Finally, this mode allows for portability options for those who prefer to play on PC instead of their smartphone, giving them the capability to use their laptop to play while on a break at work, in between classes at University, and more.

This is my personal favorite part, as I am a massive fan of portable gaming through either my smartphone, Nintendo Switch, or my laptop. I often only have time to play games when on my lunch break at work, so I usually bring my Switch or laptop with me. Performance Mode will allow me to have another platform to play Fortnite on since my laptop struggles to handle higher performance settings.

Will you be testing out this Performance Mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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