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Fortnite Ray Tracing Enabled Deathrun Map Coming Soon

Epic Games will be releasing a brand new ray-tracing map on November 18th (tomorrow), so let’s talk about it.

RTX Deathrun

RTX Deathrun is the name of the brand new ray-tracing enabled map coming to Fortnite.

“According to Nvidia, ‘throughout this deathrun, players will experience different ray-traced features. The first environment, the Shattered Reality, is brought to life through ray-traced reflections. In the Mystic Cave, lighting effects are more realistic than ever with ray-traced shadows. Thanks to ray-traced global illumination, the Military Base area is enhanced by real-time, interactive, indirect lighting, adding more detail. While exploring these environments, players will work to avoid obstacles and try to complete the death run as fast as they can!'”

Credit: PC Gamer
Credit: YouTube

Fans of Faze Cizzorz‘ previous custom death run maps are sure to have a blast with this as well as owners of RTX-enabled graphics cards such as the RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080, as well as a variety of other cards, can take advantage of the ability to enable ray-tracing.The RTX Deathrun map will be available in Fortnite’s creative mode with map code 2623-0157-9251.

Fortnite isn’t the only one getting boosted graphics capabilities, however. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will also be “getting the DLSS” treatment that offers impressive performance boosts regarding mostly higher frame rates and higher resolutions.

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