Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 Challenges Guide

Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 challenges have been released and just as last week with the gnomes, we have themed challenges. The theme this week seems to be not just fishing related, but water related in general. Below we’ll go into details on what exactly you’ll need to do to complete the new Epic and Legendary challenges presented to us this week.

Week 6 challenges include blowing up fishing spots, destroying motorboats and more while the Legendary challenges will test your headshot skills.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 Epic Challenges

The Epic challenges this week come in two different sets. Check them out in detail below.

  • Stage 1: Destroy motorboats – 3 motorboats
  • Stage 2: Signal the Coral Buddies
  • Stage 3: Destroy boats – 7 boats
  • Stage 4: Destroy fishing rod barrels – 7 barrels
  • Stage 1: Blow up fishing holes at specified locations – 3 fishing holes
  • Stage 2: Blow up fishing holes at specified locations – 3 fishing holes
  • Stage 3: Catch Fish – 7 fish

Destroy Motorboats

This challenge is very easy, as the island is filled with boats, even more so now than ever since they require fuel now so I feel people are using them on land much less these days.

When you see a Motorboat, simply destroy it. I recommend using a gun, as your pickaxe will throw the boat to some extent and may make completing this challenge a little more annoying.

Fortnite Week 6 Epic Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

But however you choose to do it, just destroy 3 Motorboats and this stage of the challenge will be completed. I got this done in one game so as long as you’re near water at any point you should see at least one Motorboat.

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Fortnite Week 6: Signal the Coral Buddies

If you’ve been playing Fortnite the last few seasons you’ve probably encountered the Coral Buddies and know exactly who this challenge is referring to. If you aren’t familiar with the Coral Buddies, they are a group of super tiny happy coral creatures that reside near Snarky Shark and Coral Castle.

In previous seasons, you could always interact with these little guys in some way or another. Whether it be between simply walking upon their little areas and hearing them sing to helping them advance their society to the nuclear age it was always interactive to some extent.

Usually in the past interacting with them was usually apart of some sort of secret challenge but that doesn’t seem to be the case this season, so far. This time around you will need to interact with large clam shells in order to signal the coral buddies.

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You will need to interact with 3 clams shells in total, below we’ll go into detail on where these clam shells are that you need to interact with. Now while it doesn’t matter what order you interact with these shells, it’s probably easier to go from the north and work your way south to the others. All of these shells are at Coral Castle.

The first shell is the most north, against a large rock near the water fall closest to Sharky Shell.

Fortnite Signal Coral Buddies
Credit: Epic Games

The second shell is nearest the western waterfall against this giant piece of coral.

Fortnite Coral Buddies
Credit: Epic Games

The third and final shell is the most south and it is a little tricky to see but it is near this rock and purple coral.

Fortnite Coral Buddies
Credit: Epic Games

Earlier in the week, this challenge had trouble working and it should be working now but if you have a problem don’t worry as it should be resolved in no time.

Destroy Boats

Now this may seem a little confusing given the earlier challenge in this same set but simply put, this challenge refers to boats you cannot drive. More specifically it’s referring to the more decorative boats around the map.

These boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes but not all of them can be driven, so you should be able to see which ones to destroy.

Fortnite Destroy Boats
Credit: Epic Games

As far as I can remember, these kinds of boats have always been on the map from being on the walls inside of stores to being close to the water, resting on the beach.

So, landing just about anywhere and keeping an eye out for these boats is all you really need to do but if you’re trying to get this out of the way checking out the shops at Craggy Cliffs is probably best.

You will need to destroy 7 boats to complete this challenge.

Destroy Fishing Rod Barrels

Destroying fishing rod barrels is another challenge that should be absolutely no problem to complete as the island probably has more of these lying around than any other searchable object.

Inside of fishing barrels you can find Fishing Rods, Pro Fishing Rods and Harpoon Guns.

All of these items are used to fish but can also be used to damage opponents or bring players or lootable objects closer to you.

Although Fishing Rods cannot harm a player, a Pro Fishing Rod will catch rarer fish and better loot overall than the normal fishing rod. Pro Fishing Rods are rare rarity, so they glow blue and stand out hen next to other fishing rods.

Credit: Epic Games

You will need to destroy 7 Fishing Rod Barrels to complete the final stage of this challenge.

The next set of challenges is focused more directly on fishing itself, instead of water based challenges like the first set. These challenges refer to violently destroying fishing spots in specific locations and catching fish from any fishing spot on the map.

Destroy Fishing Spots

For this stage of the challenge and the stage that follows you will need to go to specific locations and use an explosive weapon such as a grenade or a rocket launcher.

However for this first part you are going to need to be at either Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands, or Flopper Pond.

Fishing Spots spawn randomly in water but if you land at Sharky Shell and work your way south towards the other locations, you’re sure to complete this in one game.

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

You will need to destroy a total of 3 Fishing Spots at any these locations.

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Destroy Fishing Spots at Lazy Lake Island, Lake Canoe or Steamy Stacks

For this second part of blowing up Fishing Spots, you will need to destroy a total of 3 again but in any of 3 different locations.

Once again, I’d land at the north most location, Steamy Stacks, and work my way south from there.

This will lead you from Steamy Stacks to Lake Canoe to Lazy Lake Island, but this challenge can be very easily completed at one location if you have a preference.

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

Catch Fish

For this final stage of this part of the challenge you will need to catch a total of 7 fish.

If you are completing both sets of challenges at the same time, this should be no problem if you’re already destroying Fishing Rod Barrels so you should easily find a fishing tool.

Fortnite Catch Fish
Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 Legendary Challenges

For the Legendary challenges this week, which are time-limited this season, you’ll need to get headshots.

Luckily, headshots on IO Guards counts towards this challenge as well as players.

Each stage of the Legendary challenge this week will increase the amount of headshots necessary to go on to the next stage.

  • Stage 1: Headshots – 20
  • Stage 2: Headshots – 40
  • Stage 3: Headshots – 60
  • Stage 4: Headshots – 80
  • Stage 5: Headshots -100
Fortnite Week 6 Legendary Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

Like always with the Legendary challenges this season, this is something that should just completed as you play the game. Being as headshots cause the most damage you should be aiming for them anything but you may just have to aim at the head a little more than usual this week to get this done.

Hopefully this guide helped you get your Fortnite Week 6 challenges for Chapter 2 Season 5 completed so you’re ready for next week!

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