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Fortnite: The Spy Within LTM Explained

Fortnite added a community created mode, clearly inspired by Innersloth’s Among Us, called The Spy Within. With this new LTM where you are secretly labeled as either a Spy or a Butler and must complete tasks and eliminate players without getting eliminated or discovered.

Below, we’ll go into details about the challenges Fortnite The Spy Within is giving players to complete in this new LTM.

Among Us, according to The Game Awards this year is the Mobile Game of the Year, which is damn impressive considering the game was released in June 2018. So it’s no surprise that the Mobile Game of the Year inspired a game mode in Fortnite, another wildly popular game that seemed to explode overnight a few years ago.

Fortnite The Spy Within

One of the craziest things about this LTM is the first person perspective implicated once the match starts. A little weird to get used to, in Fortnite at least, even if you are used to this point of view in other games.

When this LTM launched, 3 challenges came with it with some nice Christmas rewards for you to acquire before Fortnite’s rumored Winterfest 2020 begins. Personally, I expect the festivities to begin Thursday with this weeks forthcoming challenges.

If it’s anything compared to last year’s festivities, where everyone got a beautiful Millennium Falcon glider, it’s sure to be nothing short of incredible.

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Fortnite The Spy Within Challenges and Rewards

The Spy Within LTM may have only come with 3 challenges but they came with some beautiful Christmas themed rewards like a glider, lobby music, and 2 new backblings. One of the new backblings are a new variant of the skate deck backbling while the other is a roll of gift wrap. You can see all of the items below.

Fortnite Spy Within Rewards

For these challenges there are rewards for every challenge and a final reward for completing all challenges. Now, the challenges to unlock these beautiful, new Christmas rewards:

  • Play The Spy Within matches – 5 matches – Gift Wrap backbling
  • Eliminate players in The Spy Within matches – 3 players – Christmas music pack
  • Complete tasks in The Spy Within matches – 25 tasks – Christmas glider
  • Complete all The Spy Within challenges – 3 challenges – Agent Skate Deck variant

How to Play The Spy Within

According to a blog post from, this is how to play the new LTM, The Spy Within:

  • There are 10 players to a match of The Spy Within
  • No player knows any other players role.
  • 2 players are secretly labeled Spies. Spies must eliminate other players without being identified by the other players, The Butlers. This also must be done before all Butlers complete their objectives.
  • The other 8 players, secretly labeled as Butlers, must work together to identify who The Spies are.
  • If Butlers complete all objectives, they will win.
  • Completing objectives earns you coins that can be used on things in game such as speed boosts.
  • Players can only speak to each other in meetings. Meetings can only be called when a player believes another is suspicious or when they spot another character.

This may sound a bit more complicated than it is, especially if you’re like me and never played Among Us, but I found it to be a lot of fun once I got to understand everything.

Houseparty Integration is Perfect for The Spy Within

A newly released feature, Houseparty chat, is highly recommended for this new game mode if you’re playing on one of the supported platforms.

Houseparty is an app, generally used for party trivia games with friends while video chatting with them at the same time. Earlier this year the app partnered with Fortnite to include video chat services into the battle royale game.

Fortnite Houseparty

Houseparty is available for Android and iOS and Fortnite integration, so far, for the service only works for PC and PlayStation users.

Fortnite stated the following on Houseparty integration for other consoles,

At the moment, it’s only available for PC and PlayStation (both PS4 and PS5). We will let everyone know if we’re able to support more platforms in the future.


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Basically, you can be as close to your friends as possible while playing Fortnite with this new integration no matter where they are. At times like this when we’re all in our homes more than usual, this feature should become quite popular for players who can take advantage of the integration.

Do you find Fortnite The Spy Within interesting enough to play, even if just for the rewards? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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