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Fortnite’s Season 6 Single-Player Experience Belongs in a Theater

Season 6 of Battle Royale game, Fortnite, started early this morning and brought players something they had never seen before – a brief single-player experience. Upon loading into the game, the player is greeted with a short cutscene and then dropped directly into the action that’s unfolding around them.

The Cutscene

Credit: Game Informer

Once the game is fully loaded, players see Jonesy riding the Battle Bus toward the Zero Point that’s been hovering over the map (the big purple orb in the sky). The Zero Point is what has been bending the reality of the Fortnite universe and Jonesy is tasked with destroying it. A wave of reality comes ripping toward him and sends the bus flying toward the ground.

Jonesy decides he’s better off taking a leap of faith instead of riding the Battle Bus to the afterlife, and lands safely in a bush. Upon having boots on the ground, he advances toward the Zero Point only to be greeted by the DLC and Battle Pass characters from Season 5- all fighting for their lives.

Once making it to the foot of the Zero Point, a new character emerges from a crashed meteor. The Foundation, as he’s titled, attempts to slay our protagonist, but Jonesy strikes a deal with him to save his life. After the two agree upon a deal, “The Looper” or the player character appears behind Jonesy.

The Gameplay

Credit: Eurogamer

After the player gains control of the character, they accompany Jonesy as he closes rifts created by the Zero Point. After another reality wave rips through the world, Jonesy is turned into a light blue, translucent butterfly. The player character grabs the rift-closing device and takes over in his stead.

After closing a couple of rifts, more reality waves are cast upon the world forcing Jonesy to use his newfound teleportation ability to travel around and close the remaining ones. During the closing of the next several rifts, reality waves continue to slam into the player changing them into the new Battle Pass characters (including Lara Croft, a large yellow bird, and a spirit-world monk).

Once all the rifts are closed, Jonesy and “The Looper” ride the winds to the top of the spire (a new in-game area at the centre of the map). Jonesy and The Foundation have a short conversation about the sacrifice that The Foundation is preparing to make to stabilize the universe around them. Jonesy promises to save his friend shortly and the rift materializes around The Foundation thus trapping him inside.

After this, the Fortnite Season 6 single-player experience comes to a close, leaving you at the start screen for a new season of the game.

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