Frank Woods Warzone Operator? He Might Be Coming!

With news of Black Ops Cold War looming, it seems more is being leaked! A Frank Woods Warzone Operator bundle could be on the way.

Frank Woods… Goddamn. *Inhales cigar smoke* That’s a name I haven’t heard in years…

Well, okay. Maybe not years… But a while? No? Okay. Well, anyway… Fans of the original Black Ops title will be pleased to know that a recent report suggests that Frank Woods might be on his way to Warzone and Modern Warfare as an operator. However, there’s a catch!

Frank Woods Warzone Operator
Woods from Black Ops 4

Frank Woods Warzone Operator Bundle For Those Who Pre-Order New CoD

Yep, that’s right. You’ll need to pre-order the new CoD: Black Ops Cold War. But, let’s be honest… It does look pretty good so far. The Frank Woods Warzone Operator Bundle is reportedly going to come with several cosmetic items and weapon blueprints, too! Reportedly, the “Land, Sea, and Air” pack will also be included. 

Frank Woods was one of the leading characters in 2010’s Black Ops and features in one way or another in every Black Ops game after. There is no word on whether he’s back for Black Ops Cold War just yet.

This isn’t the first time a character has been used by Call of Duty as a pre-order incentive. Captain Price was used as an incentive for Black Ops 4 if players pre-ordered Modern Warfare

August 26 marks the date where we’ll hear more about Black Ops Cold War. Prior to that, I wrote about how Black Ops Cold War is the perfect opportunity to re-educate the public about the true nature of American agency in international politics. You can read about that here

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